The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship for Africans aims to empower and support the next generation of African leaders.

Opening statement


Access to high-quality education is crucial in influencing people’s and society’s future in today’s competitive world. Dr. Bryant Orjiako has provided considerable funding for the Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship. This innovative program supports educational opportunities in Africa and aligns with Oxford University’s commitment to creating meaningful impact. This African MBA scholarship aims to provide financial support to students from all regions of Africa, allowing them to pursue their academic and professional goals at Saïd Management School, a prestigious institution known for its excellence in management teaching and research.


The Saïd Business School is a center of academic excellence and innovation.

Saïd Commercial School, located at the esteemed University of Oxford in England, is a worldwide center for intellectual leadership, research, and influential commercial strategies. Established in 1996 via the generous donation of millionaire Wafic Saïd, the school provides a varied student population with various comprehensive programs. The programs offered include the highly esteemed Oxford MBA, Executive MBA, specialist master’s degrees, and a wide range of Executive Education courses.


The school’s curriculum is intentionally crafted to integrate academic knowledge with practical insights, establishing an open and dynamic learning environment. By engaging in practical learning opportunities, such as tackling real-world business difficulties and analyzing case studies, students acquire the skills and expertise necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment. In addition, Saïd Business School prioritizes responsible leadership, global influence, and ethical business principles, equipping future leaders to effectively address intricate global issues and have a significant societal influence.


The University of Oxford: A Tradition of Scholarly Eminence


The University of Oxford, founded in the 12th century, is one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions globally. Situated in the renowned city of Oxford in England, the institution has a profound and illustrious past marked by exceptional scholarly achievements, pioneering investigations, and the nurturing of great intellectuals and politicians. Oxford University’s collegiate structure, which consists of more than 30 constituent colleges and halls, promotes a tightly-knit academic environment that enhances the university’s well-known academic rigor and intellectual vitality.


The institution provides diverse academic fields, including the arts, sciences, humanities, medicine, law, and other areas. The challenging academic programs foster critical thinking, inquiry, and intellectual curiosity among a diverse student population. Oxford University’s dedication to achieving the highest standards is apparent in its renowned research institutes and state-of-the-art facilities, which are crucial in driving scientific breakthroughs, technological progress, and pioneering academic achievements.


Throughout its history, the University of Oxford has cultivated a notable roster of graduates who have had lasting impacts on society in many sectors. The university’s alumni network, consisting of Nobel laureates, heads of state, renowned professors, and inventors, significantly influences the globe via their contributions in many sectors.


The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship aims to provide support and opportunities for African students, enabling them to pursue higher education at the prestigious Oxford University.


The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship: Empowering African Students

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The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship exemplifies Dr. Bryant Orjiako’s dedication to developing the next cohort of African leaders. This comprehensive scholarship covers all course fees and provides a stipend for living expenses. Its purpose is to remove financial obstacles preventing bright African students from achieving their aspirations at Saïd Business School.


To qualify for the scholarship, candidates must be citizens of an African country and live there regularly. The scholarship is granted based on exceptional academic performance, as shown by degree outcomes, GMAT or GRE scores, prior university accolades, and other educational accomplishments. In addition, candidates are required to substantiate their contributions to the development of Africa and exhibit a commitment to further contribute to the advancement and prosperity of the continent.


Applicants are advised to submit their applications in advance to increase their likelihood of being considered. Although the scholarship may not be awarded until the final MBA application, due on May 17, 2024, applicants who submit their applications by this precise date will still be considered. The selection process seeks to find outstanding people who not only demonstrate academic excellence but also have a solid dedication to creating a beneficial influence on Africa.


Procedure for Applying for the Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship


The procedure for applying for the Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship is simple and uncomplicated. The typical MBA application to Saïd Business School suffices; no further application is required. The information in the MBA application form will be used to assess candidates for the scholarship. Prospective applicants must visit the official website of Saïd Business School to get the MBA application form and submit the required documentation.


The scholarship application must be submitted by January 5, 2024. Prospective candidates are strongly recommended to thoroughly examine the prerequisites and guarantee that they provide all the essential corroborating records, including academic transcripts, letters of endorsement, and a persuasive personal statement. The scholarship selection committee will meticulously evaluate every application, considering the applicants’ academic accomplishments, leadership aptitude, and dedication to the advancement of Africa.


Advantages of the Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship


Successful candidates of the Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship may enjoy a multitude of advantages. The scholarship recipients will have their course expenses wholly paid for, relieving the financial strain of completing an MBA at Saïd Business School. In addition, a stipend of no less than £17,668 will be granted to cover living expenses, allowing students to concentrate on their studies and fully engage in the dynamic intellectual and cultural atmosphere of Oxford University.


The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship offers financial assistance and presents an exclusive chance for African students to become part of a distinguished academic community and cultivate a worldwide network of persons who share similar aspirations. Scholarship winners can use the many resources and research facilities provided by Saïd Business School and the University of Oxford. This will allow them to thoroughly comprehend business practices, leadership principles, and the global economy.


In conclusion


The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship for Africans offers a life-changing chance for gifted people from various parts of Africa. Dr. Bryant Orjiako’s generosity has allowed African students to pursue their aspirations of receiving a top-tier education at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. This scholarship acknowledges not just outstanding academic performance but also empowers future leaders dedicated to positively influencing Africa’s progress.


The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship empowers African students to excel in the contemporary global business environment by offering financial assistance and giving them access to outstanding educational resources. These scholars will enhance the dynamic and inclusive learning community at Saïd Business School as they prepare to become agents of change in their home countries and beyond. The Oxford-Orjiako Graduate Scholarship exemplifies the profound impact of education in revolutionizing lives and molding a more promising future for Africa.

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