The TOEFL iBT Athletic Excellence Grant Program aims to empower student-athletes in their journey toward success.

Excel academically and athletically! TOEFL iBT Athletic Excellence Grant Program helps student-athletes succeed. Apply now!”



The TOEFL iBT Athletic Excellence Grant (AEG) Program provides a unique opportunity for student-athletes to realize their athletic and academic potential. ETS Global BV offers this program for the TOEFL Program to assist student-athletes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in their pursuit of greatness. The TOEFL iBT AEG Program acknowledges the tireless determination, diligence, and tenacity that propel athletic and academic achievements by granting €5,000 to five participants.


Who meets the criteria for eligibility?


The TOEFL iBT AEG Program is specifically tailored for undergraduate student-athletes who have successfully gained acceptance and admission into a collegiate sports athletic program at various educational institutions. The program is available to students commencing their studies from August 2023 to March 2024 in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and certain institutions in the European Union. As a budding student-athlete, you recognize the significance of athletic endeavors and the influence of education. The TOEFL iBT AEG Program offers you the chance to succeed in both areas.


What are the reasons for applying to the TOEFL iBT AEG Program?

Enrolling in the TOEFL iBT AEG Program has the potential to impact your athletic and academic trajectory significantly. Here are some persuasive reasons why you might consider applying:


  1. Monetary assistance to help you achieve your objectives.

The TOEFL iBT AEG Program awards a €5,000 stipend to each of the chosen student-athletes. This financial assistance might greatly aid in addressing the costs associated with your sports and academic endeavors. The award may provide essential funds for various educational needs such as training equipment, travel expenditures, tuition fees, and other resources, making it a significant asset in accomplishing your objectives.


  1. Acknowledgment of Your Endeavors

Being chosen as a recipient of the TOEFL iBT AEG is evidence of your commitment and diligence in your sports and academic endeavors. It signifies the acknowledgment of your efforts by a renowned institution such as ETS Global BV. This acknowledgment may enhance your self-assurance, inspire you to pursue even more significant accomplishments, and provide access to prospects.


  1. Improving Your College Experience

Enrolling in college as a student-athlete may provide both difficulties and benefits. The TOEFL iBT AEG Program provides an opportunity to augment your educational experience. The grant’s financial assistance may reduce the financial constraints of being a student-athlete, enabling you to prioritize your athletic training, academic pursuits, and personal growth.


  1. Establishing a Robust Network

The TOEFL iBT AEG Program facilitates connections between student-athletes, mentors, and professionals in the sports and academic domains, fostering a community of individuals with similar interests and goals. This network offers invaluable assistance, direction, and prospects for cooperation, both during your academic tenure and in the future. Cultivating connections with like-minded folks with similar enthusiasm for sports and academia may significantly enhance your journey and add to your enduring achievements.

Application Process


The procedure for applying for the TOEFL iBT AEG Program is simple and direct. These are the sequential instructions you must adhere to:


  • Access the official website of the TOEFL iBT AEG Program.


  • Examine the qualifying criteria to verify that you satisfy the prerequisites.


  • Collect the necessary paperwork, including your TOEFL iBT test results, admission letter from the sports program, and academic transcripts.


  • Create a persuasive personal statement emphasizing your sports accomplishments, academic goals, and why you feel you deserve the award.


  • Fill out the online application form, ensuring your information is correct and current.


  • Ensure you submit your application before the required date mentioned on the website.


Process of selecting

The TOEFL iBT AEG Program selection procedure is characterized by its rigorous and highly competitive nature. Each application undergoes evaluation by a team of specialists in the fields of sports and academics, who assess it based on a range of factors, including:


  • Sporting accomplishments and prospects


  • Academic achievement and objectives


  • Evaluate the personal statement’s caliber and congruence with the program’s principles.


  • Recommendation letters


The panel evaluates each application to determine the most deserving student-athletes who exhibit outstanding talent and a steadfast dedication to their athletic and academic endeavors.


Important Dates and Time Limits


Monitoring the critical dates and deadlines related to the TOEFL iBT AEG Program is essential. Please make note of these significant dates in your calendar to ensure that you do not overlook any critical tasks:


Application period: [Specify the exact dates during which applications will be accepted]


Deadline for applying: [Insert Date]


Notification of awardees: [Insert Date]


Date of grant disbursement: [Insert Date]


Commonly Asked Questions (CAQs)


Below are frequently asked questions about the TOEFL iBT AEG Program:


Q1: Am I eligible to apply if I still need to be admitted into a sports athletic program?


A1: No, the program is only designed for student-athletes who have been approved and enrolled in a sports athletic program.


Q2: Is using the funding for reasons other than education permissible?


A2: The award aims to provide financial assistance for your endeavors in both athletics and academics. The monies should generally be allocated towards educational and sports expenditures. However, there is considerable leeway in how they might be used.


Q3: Can I submit another application if I am not awarded the grant in the first application cycle?


A3: Affirmative, submitting a new application in future application cycles is permissible. Utilize the input obtained during the first application process to enhance your qualifications for future consideration.


Q4: Is there a maximum restriction on the number of awards I may receive?


A4: Each student-athlete is entitled to receive the award on a single occasion.


In conclusion,


The TOEFL iBT Athletic Excellence Grant Program offers a unique chance for student-athletes to get financial assistance and recognition for their athletic and academic endeavors. Applying to this program may make substantial progress toward achieving your maximum capabilities. Take advantage of this chance, demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm, and begin on an exhilarating road toward achieving success in athletics and academics. Submit your application immediately and lay the groundwork for a prosperous future.

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