20 free anime streaming websites to watch anime in 2017

Free Watch Anime : Watch Dubbed Anime Website list

Watch Anime Free in Dubbed Anime : Anime is a Japanese art form of film or television animation that has originated as early as around the 1960s. Anime is either hand-drawn or is designed through a computer.  The characteristics of anime include the distinct Japanese style with colourful visuals, dynamic characters, wondrous themes and remarkable storylines. Since the creation of Anime, it has gained quite an amount of popularity within Japan as well as the international population and the fame continues to grow. Anime has a free number of fans as it has a plethora of genres to suit any one’s taste. The genres in anime include Kodomo for children, shojo meaning girls, shonen for boys and there are also subgenres for the older population such as hentai, ecchi, yaoi, yuri you can also find anime based on various themes like harem, mecha, fantasy, sports, war, literary adaptations, slice of life.

Top 20 anime streaming websites

With this assortment of themes and genres, there is a huge fan base from all walks of life and the coming of the digitalised world has transformed the way we watch anime and it has made it much more accessible. There are a number of sites now where anyone and everyone can watch any genre of anime that too for the benefit of not having to pay for it. These sites provide free streaming of tons of anime, and with the huge number of the anime collection, one can see watch the whole season or can even watch the newly released episodes and be up to date. They say that the best things n life comes for free so keeping that in mind; here is a list of the best 20 anime streaming websites that offers a wide array of anime all for free:

  1. Kissanime – Among the many websites, Kissanime is one of the most popular websites. The site caters to a lot of anime resources where the viewers can enjoy a variety of anime with high-quality video in a variety of formats that ranges from 240p, 720p and even 1080p. In addition to the supported formats, the website also holds HTML5 which enables its viewers to be entertained with anime even through a mobile phone and never miss episodes wherever. The site offers a platform for the anime lovers where there they can form a community and start conversations in the chat room and have discussions regarding anime.
  2. Masteranime- This site is an excellent source to watch anime offering the video quality in 480p and 720p. What makes Masteranime distinct is that it has a unique segment that is called the ‘release schedule’ which informs the anime watchers exactly how many hours to wait for a new show and the preferred host of your choice to watch the shows. In addition to this features, Masteranime has an in built library which keeps track of all the anime that the watcher has watched. The homepage of this site displays the list of anime that are recent and also the ones that are popular among its viewers.
  3. To- For those viewers who love dubbed anime then this is the site to go to as this is one of the best websites to watch shows in HD quality and English dubbed. 9anime caters to a large number of anime and has the latest anime that is dubbed. A distinct feature of this site is the ‘request section’ where anyone can request for any anime that is not available on the website’s listing. The users can easily find anime on this site through the tabs in the site such as the newest/genre/type/popular/upcoming and in addition, this site does not only have the option to stream and watch but also to download the content to watch it offline.
  4. Crunchyroll- This site is a superb source that offers a diverse assortment of shows. It does not only offer anime but also gives access to Korean Dramas, videos and live actions. Crunchyroll understands the plight of an anime lover, so it is constantly updating shows to ensure that the viewers do not lack behind. The site is built in an attractive way, and it provides a slide show of the shows that have been recently updated. With this diverse assortment, Crunchyroll has listed all the shows in a proper order based on various categories and to add to its features, an app for Crunchyroll is also available on mobile phones.
  5. GoGoAnime– The site has one of the largest collections of anime, movies, and cartoons. There is also a list of mangas available with all the latest released chapters available. Hence it is quite popular among all the anime websites. Like its name suggest, this website is dedicated to anime with a diverse collection of a variety of genre. GoGoAnime offers its viewers the option to disable subtitles and enable English streaming which is very easy to do so. This anime has a list of anime categorised in various section, and there is also a section of the list of anime that is English dubbed.
  6. Chia-anime.tv – The directory of anime on this site is huge where the viewers can stream and watch anime of their choice for free. The site offers the latest anime and the episodes as well as the old treasured anime. Chia-anime.tv is built in a way that makes it easy for the user to figure out and find any anime of their choice and it displays information on the thumbnails stating the title, whether subbed, the date and the number of episodes. It offers its users the option to download the content to watch it offline. The site is constantly updating, so it makes it faster to catch up.
  7. Animeheaven – The database of this site is vast, and viewers can watch anime in subbed or the dubbed versions. This site offers its viewers to download anime series. This site was built in a way that it is easy for the viewers to find the anime of their choice through ratings, genre and year or the whole anime in alphabetical order. It does not only have anime series, but it also has a number of cartoons, movies and a variety of other shows. It is very much compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and also Mac computer. An additional feature of the site is that it allows the users to download anime shows with different video quality.
  8. Anime Season – Anime lovers can gain access to the whole episodes of anime and stream it online. The site is regularly updating so that it gives its users the best anime watching experience and it also displays the list of anime series that are popular based on the viewer’s reviews. The anime that tops the list is the one with the most number of votes from the supporters, there is also the division of anime based on the genres, thus making it easier for the viewers to find their choice of anime. Anime Season also has a neat interface with useful information regarding the anime.
  9. Anime Nova – If anime lovers also love Korean Drama then this is the right place to be. Anime Nova has a good list of anime shows, movies, videos and also a fine collection of Korean drama. The site has made it easy for the viewers to find the anime of their choice by the title, release, genres and also through keywords. Viewers have the privilege of watching English dubbed anime shows without having to sign up, and the dubbed anime and cartoon shows have their own section on the site.
  10. Masterani – An great site to watch anime is Masterani which is an attractive site with great graphics and wonderful collection of anime. Masterani shows the viewers the list of anime that are popular among the other anime lovers and it also offers the viewers to be able to keep track of the anime series that are coming up soon. The site also allows the viewers to filter out anime and keep away the unwanted anime. If one wants to seek any random anime, then the viewer can click on the random anime category and explore the plethora of anime available. One can even download on this site while playing the anime.
  11. Animelab – Another legal anime streaming website is the Animelab, but it operates in New Zealand and Australia only. The viewers can access the basic feature site, and there is also the premium plan available which provides its viewers with the access to a variety of anime shows both in subbed and dubbed version. Although the premium plan is not free, it is still worth it for those who want to get it. The site supports various platforms from Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Chromecast.
  12. Anime streams – A site where you can enjoy the episodes without having the constant pop up ads is Anime Streams. It comes with a neat interface which makes it uncomplicated for the user. It has a listing of anime in various segments like A-Z list, Anime movies, English subbed, English dubbed, Request anime. To make things simpler, it has a search bar if the user wants to find that specific anime. Besides making the anime streaming smooth, it provides the user to choose from the multiple servers for the anime.
  13. Animefreak – Viewers get access to a collection of anime shows which all for free through this site. The site is quick to update, so it offers its viewers the latest anime and the newly updated episodes daily so that the viewers stay on track and up to date with their favourite shows daily. Besides the list of the popular shows, it also includes some of the exclusive anime which isn’t easily available on other anime websites. The archive of this anime site is absolutely vast, and it contains both the dubbed version and the original episodes so viewers have options on their hands and it also contains a good collection of movies. To add more, Animefreak has its own Android app.
  14. Watchanime – This site maintains an excellent source for anime shows with English subbed. Watchanime has a huge collection of anime to watch, and it provides good quality videos and its links to it. The site provides its viewers even to enjoy a wide range of manga that the site gives access to. All of the site’s contents are neatly arranged in an alphabetical order, so the viewers do not have trouble looking for anything in it.
  15. Yahooview – In 2016, Hulu had joined hands with Yahoo and came up with the free plan which provides the viewer to watch anime online absolutely free. It not only caters to anime but also offers its viewers free movies and shows that are popular in the US and in addition Korean series. Yahooview also extended its hand and offered a list of Korean Dramas. Anime in this site are categorised in categories under ‘popular/ action/adventure/comedy/drama’ and other genres.
  16. Daisuke – This anime website offers an exceptional anime content with a truly extensive list of anime which ranges from the famous and well-known anime to the rare collection, the classic anime and the list of many good anime shows that are not very well known. Everything is free, and the only thing that any anime lover needs to do is register to the site, and then it gives the option to save the episodes so that the watcher can keep track on the website itself and can watch it later
  17. AnimeUltima – What makes AnimeUltima different from the others besides the great collection of anime is that it also has a list of popular games for its users and the games include the classics like the Tetris, snake, shoot the bird, etc., The anime in this site comes with English sub, but if the watcher wants to be dubbed then it is also available. All that the users have to do is open an account on the site which is free and along with free anime; there is also the platform to have discussions and polls of the upcoming events. All anime collection is updated on an hourly basis, so the site is very much up to date.
  18. Viewster – This is a legal site where the users can stream and watch movies. It is a movie platform, but besides movies, it has an ample collection of anime shows which is constantly updated so that its viewers do not run of content to watch albeit the content of the site may differ from one country to the other. It is not mandatory to register in order to watch movies and shows from this site, and the site also has available on platforms like iOS and Android making it available on mobile phones as well as tablets. Alongside mobile phones, it is also available on Smart TVs
  19. Funimation– Funimation is probably one of the biggest anime sites that are available in North America. The site offers the anime lovers some of the best anime choices from all genres that are available. It has a wide array of movies and episodes for viewers to stream the content. The database of the site keeps updating, so there is also the latest list of English dubbed anime. With a clean interface, it has tabs on the page classified as ‘what’s new’, ‘discover’, ‘shows’ and even ‘shop’. Another great feature of this site is that it is accessible via phone so users can continue watching the anime of their choice.
  20. Netflix – Netflix is a popular site which does not deal only with anime but also with a variety of movies and shows. This site offers its viewers the option to change the audio setting from any language to English and with the English subtitles as well. There are a number of anime shows, movies and videos in general which includes even older anime and Netflix provides its exclusive feature to its users.

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Good Anime shows come with such a captivating storyline and also not forgetting the excellent visuals. Watching anime on the TV can take ages, and we cannot miss even one episode. Therefore, it is a must and a need to stay on track and up to date with the latest episodes. Thankfully, the websites are available and even more thankful for the fact that the websites provide free streaming. Each kind of anime lover has their own preferences from the genre, to preference over subbed or dubbed shows and these sites cater to the needs of all anime lovers. Of course, the streaming of the shows may buffer sometimes, and it can get quite annoying if and when the internet speed is slow but some of the sites offer the download option, so if one site does not meet your needs, there are always other sites where you can simply sit back and enjoy the ample amount of choices and genres and savor this times either as a new or an old otaku without buffering.


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