Do you have an iPhone? I accept you do on the grounds that what else would you be doing perusing up on auto redress right? In any case, regardless of the possibility that you don’t possess an iPhone or are basically inquisitive to realize what ‘auto right is about; this is the ideal article for you as we will give a top to bottom clarification to How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone.

In any case, before we dig into that, let us first investigate what Auto remedy really is and how it functions. It is after every one of the a standout amongst the most famous elements of the Apple iPhone keeping in mind hugely supportive as a rule, infrequently, auto right can turn into the worst thing about one’s presence!

Autocorrection, the most straightforward approach to remedy mistyped words in writings; it helps us by revising our wrote words or accentuations, and so forth. On the opposite side, it might leave unfit words in our wrote content for a man.

At that point it turns out to be so tricky to check every last word while having a discussion with somebody. So these autocorrection capacities are not total; it can either make everything smoother or amusing, or it can give you a chance to confront humiliating circumstances as well.

This component is exceptionally smooth and efficient on the off chance that it goes well, the most hazardous circumstance you would need to confront in the event that you need to write in any dialect other the English with autocorrection on. You will presumably never review what you really need to. To discover an answer, you should know how to kill autocorrect.

Know how to turn autocorrect off for iPhone with us.

On the off chance that you are no longer thinking that its valuable for you or the autocorrection makes you feel irritated by putting unfit words then you are only four stages far from the expulsion of this remedy. Dispose of the issue of nonsuitable words by taking after the means given below:

How to Disable Autocorrect on iPhone?

On the off chance that you are doing fine with the autocorrection on, then it’s great; however in the event that it continues changing your planned words at spots to exceptionally disgraceful words, then you can proceed without the autocorrection intruding on you and your writings.

Incapacitating autocorrect too simple, the procedure is same for an iPhone or any iOS gadget.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect

Step 1.

At first, launch the ‘Settings‘ app on your iPhone or iOS device.

Step 2.

Then go to the ‘General‘ tab you see there.


Step 3.

Under General tab, go to the ‘Keyboard‘ option.








Step 4.

Under Keyboard tab, find the option ‘Autocorrection‘ with a flip switch. If it is on, make it off or flip it off.


This way, you can turn off autocorrect.

How to Turn on Autocorrect?

Not necessarily, autocorrect option will always put wrong words or unexpected words into your documents, but yes sometimes it sounds awful. Still, we have to admit this option is much helpful, though.

sometime we are changing our mind states that we think some other thing and type some differnet things. To bring it back, there is nothing to worry about. It is just the same process reversed which is discussed above.

The process of setting the autocoreect is almost nearly same on any ios device.

Step 1.

First fo all, open the ‘Settings‘ app  on your iPhone device or iOS device.

Step 2.

Then go to the ‘General‘ tab you see there.

Step 3.

Under Genral option, go to the ‘Keyboard‘ section.

Step 4.

Under Keyboard tab, find the section ‘Autocorrection‘ with a  switch. If it is off, make it on or flip it on.

This way, you can again turn on autocorrect.

#1.Introduce New Words to Autocorrect

For this, what you can do is to introduce and save new words to the autocorrect dictionary. Steps are given below,

Step A .

oepn the Settings app on your iOs device.

Step B.

Go the General tab you see there.

Step C.

Then tap on the Keyboard option.

Step D.

Come down towards the bottom of the page and tap on Add New Shortcut or Text Replacement Tab


Step E.

You’ll see a blank field, enter the new word you want.


Enter the same word in the shortcut field.

Step G.

At end , just click on the Save button to save the all changes.

This is the complete process, the new word will be saved to the autocorrection dictionary.