Best 5 Mind Games for Android & iOS

Mind Games : Life is full of stress whether it is doing School work or maintaining relationships, you need to relief your stress as well as boosting your brain capacity to do well in everything. Boosting your brain can give you many advantages such as being sharp, focused and concentrated in whatever you are doing.

There are many apps which can boost our brain in some ways that it functions properly. By regularly exercising of your brain your Mental health can be improved. So the apps which I’m going to talk about can increase your cognitive function. There are apps like Lumosity which can improve memory, problem-solving skills, and processing speed.

The study also shows that the person who are engaged in these types of brain games, they tend to develop Their brains and they are getting a less chance of brain plaques.

Download Top 5 Mind games –

So here are some of the apps which are associated with brain games and can improve your cognitive function and boost your brainpower.

How to Download Lumosity Game

Lumosity is a great app for exercising your mind with lots of unique features. The game is split into three sessions. It is mostly related to your goals, memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed of thinking. You have to do certain tasks before the time goes out and it changes every time. You can play one session per day to improve your mind skills. You can track your progress daily to see you are doing so far. You can even compare your progress with others.

Install Lumosity App

Lumosity is available for both Android and iOS. The app is free for a limited period, and after that, you have to pay 15$ a month or 80$ a year.

How to Download Happify Game

Happify is another great tool for improving your brain and try to focus on the happy things. So the app works on the fundamentals of positive psychology which had an interview connection with strength and virtues. You can expect some quizzes, polls and gratitude journal. If you use this app on a regular basis, the symptoms of happiness can happen to you. This app is available for free.

How to Download Brain Fitness Pro App for Android 

Brain fitness pro has many exercises and task which can improve your thinking and focusing skills. If you are having trouble with solving problems, then you should try this app since it can drastically improve your problem-solving skills. Researchers say that giving your brain an intensive workout can increase the level of attention and cognitive skills. Brain fitness pro improves overall brain, and these improvements remain long term.

How to Download Brain trainer Special App for iPhone –

Brain Trainer Special is just like Lumosity and delivers great user experience. Brain trainer Special includes series of tasks in which you have to memorize letters, phone numbers, and other stuff. This app also has a broad range of maths problems which you can solve to improve your mental health as well as the cognitive functioning of your brain. You can set the difficulty level which depends on you. Brains Trainer Special is available for free on Google play store.

How to Download Fit Brains Trainer for iOS – 

Fit Brains Trainer has 300 games and puzzles which you can playThe sessions are going to get harder as you play through these games and it will give you an intensive brain workout. You can keep track of your progress, and the system also recommends you the game which you should okay to increase the possibility of improving your mental health.

Final words

So these are the games that which will improve your mental health, focusing as well as concentrating skills. Daily having a dose of these games can significantly improve your brain status, so we recommend you to try these mind games daily.


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