In this world, where information assumes a noteworthy part while being connected with practically every system, it’s security, ease of use and conveyability turns into the essential concern. This is the minute where disk cloning acts the hero.Lets learn how to clone a hard disk with in few steps.

The initiation of disk cloning can be followed from some place around or a little before the presentation of the working framework “Windows 95”. This was the time when some PC operating system producers used to take help of outside equipment disk duplicating machines to duplicate software’s.

In this article we will let you know how to clone a hard drive? in simple and single strides. So we should begin:

What is meant by disk cloning?

Disk cloning is basically the way toward replicating or cloning the substance or information of a system’s hard plate to another hard disk.

Disk is somewhat not the same as the “Straightaway replicating method” since it likewise duplicates the substance which are covered up and regularly not accessible for duplicating.

When to image a drive and when to clone it?

As of now said that disk cloning is the way toward duplicating the information which additionally incorporates the information which is fundamentally not accessible for replicating while plate imaging is the way toward imitating the whole dis into the another. It is normally done by making the segment by part duplicate of the source drive.

It is additionally autonomous of the record system. The plate imaging document arrangement can be open measures like the ISO record design.

Presently the question emerges that when to clone a drive and when to picture a drive? Cloning and imaging are the subordinates of a solitary term that is “Duplicating” and this is the reason they are very comparative as far as their work yet disk imaging can serve you better while you have to reinforcement your information. Then again, cloning bodes well and is a simple choice while you need to go for a gadget redesign.

Imaging is considered as a decent alternative while going for reinforcement since one can put various picture reinforcements into a solitary and adequate outside drive.

How to clone a hard disk?

Before we started with this we must know some points about this terminology.

Source Disk: When we say “Source Disk,” we are discussing the drive which we need to clone.

Goal Disk: It is the disk where we need to clone the source disk. One vital component of the goal disk is that it must be bigger or comparable to the source disk in regards to memory space.

how to clone a hard drive

How to clone a hard drive in Windows?

Windows does not have any built-in application for cloning a drive, but you can certainly clone a disk by making use of third party software such as AOMEI Backupper, EaseUs and many more.
As we have mentioned that there is a plethora of disk cloning utilities available for windows but for the sake of ease and simplicity, we will be using Macrium Reflect disk cloning utility software for the purpose of illustration.

Step #1:

first of all you have to install a software named Macrium Reflect disk cloning utility software.For download the software just click here.This software has 2 versions which so and we think that free version will accomplish your task but now you have to decide which one suite your pocket.

Step #2:

once you download the software you have install it.

Step #3:

In this step you will have to attach the drive where you want to clone your disk. The word of caution says that the destination disk must have more space than the source drive in order to complete the process of cloning.

Step #4: Now, open the Macrium Reflect application.

Step #5: In the Macrium Reflect window, select the drive which you want to clone and click on “Clone this disk” which is positioned in between the window.

Step #6: After successfully completing step #5, in the subsequent window you will asked to choose the destination drive. You can do so by clicking on the “Select disk to restore to” link which will give you a drop down list of the drives which are available.

Step #7: Select the destination disk where you want to clone your source drive.

Step #8: Drag and drop the source drive which you wish to clone to the destination drive and then click on Next button.

Step #9: A preview window will pop up. Click on finish to finalize the process.