Everybody love it, however hold up a second. Not everybody can utilize it and that is what’s been talked about here in this article. After this you won’t get a question to “Why isn’t cortana accessible on my Windows 10 Pc or tablet”. Also we will include an answer so you can turn on and utilize cortana on your desktop PC or portable workstation. So now get help in windows 10 cortana.

windows 10 pc

Microsoft has presented a considerable measure of new components to the Windows Franchisee with the arrival of Windows 10. Among these new components, a standout amongst the most foreseen and anticipated element is Cortana. Cortana is a voice enacted individual collaborator for Windows 10 clients. It can be utilized to get weather forecasting, match alerts, setting remnants, reading emails etc. Cortana is somewhat of a changed adaptation of iOS’ Siri. Cortana is fueled by various stunning administrations including Bing and couple of other cloud based advancements from Microsoft itself.

Why isn’t Cortana accessible on my Windows 10 Pc

Remembering this effective and extremely valuable element, some of you should ponder that why you are not ready to utilize Cortana on your Windows 10 PC? The response to this question is that Cortana is accessible to just certain areas yet. The areas in which Cortana is as of now accessible are Joined States, Joined Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. In the event that you don’t have a place with any of these districts then you may get this mistake message,” Cortana isn’t bolstered in the area and dialect you’ve chosen.”

You can switch cortana now and again utilizing the accompanying strides appeared as a part of the picture.


However the above mention method work  only if Cortana is available in your windows 10, if its not there you can simply follow the next set of steps to fix and solve your cortana problem.

In any case, this bolstered rundown of Cortana will extend in not so distant future yet in the event that you need to utilize Cortana then here is the thing that you ought to do. Take after these means appropriately on the off chance that you need Cortana to deal with your Windows 10 PC:

1) Open Control pannel on Windows 10.

2) Go to Clock, region and language.

3) Tap on region and the region window will open.

4) In the region window, change Home loacton and set it as united States.

Cortana ought to begin working for you at this point yet in the event that it doesn’t then you need to do the accompanying things to Turn on Cortana on your Windows 10 PC:

In the formats Tab, set the formats as English (united States).

In Admnisitrative Tab, tap on Change system locate button and set Current system language to English (united States).

After you have done every one of these means, it will be ideal to restart your Windows 10 PC and after that take a stab at turning on Cortana once more.

Do you have correctr language set up ?

There is likewise issue with off base language set up in Cortana on Windows 10 PC. Counting that there are missing couple of alternatives for a few language and countries. In the event that you are from unsupported region or have unsupported region for Cortana, you should physically download language pack for discourse. There is a few focuses how to do it howl.

Firstly you have to hit the button of start and after that select Settings option – > language and time – > language and region

After that you have to click on the  language  option and after that just slelct  and click on options that are avail.

Bellow Voice or speech click on Download. It will require some time, typically couple of minutes.

Log out and after that sign in again to see that new langaue pack in language alternatives.

After that arrival to language and Time alternative and select your new speech or language – set it as default language of Cortana.

Again you have to Log out and Sign into make that new settings work.

Trust it will help you with language issues and unsupported country. In the event that you will have a few inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask in remarks cry.


Cortana is an awesome and an exceptionally valuable application for the individuals who are just finding for a personal new assitant and need to have another involvement with their PC and cell phones.

Likewise take note of that changing your region and langauge of your Windows 10 PC to united States and English may get Cortana to work however it may be hard for Cortana to comprehend your elocution and work easily as you don’t have a place with that specific region and don’t talk the specific language.

You should sit tight for Microsoft to grow the rundown of upheld region by Cortana. In any case, this was a short instructional exercise which guided you to turn on Cortana on your Windows 10 PC. We trust you enjoyed the article and it could tackle your issues.