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DigitalOcean Coupon Codes : Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure providerwhich focuses on simplifying innovation for the software developers in the industry. There are some factors which depend on a web host like the website’s uptime and loading speed. Also if your site is slow and takes a lot of time to load then, it will probably have a lot fewer visitors. Digital Ocean is one such web host provider that turns out to be the best one for your sites and promises fantastic results. and we have 10$,15$,2o$ and 30$ DigitalOcean Coupon codes.

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Digital Ocean took the cloud hosting industry by storm and is a leading preferred brand within three years of its launch. It has very well managed to compete with the super-giants like Amazon SC2, Rackspace, Linode and many other well-known cloud hosting companies in the market.

Digital Ocean’s straightforward and transparent pricing model starts at just $5 per month and also offers hourly billing. With such a low cost and a truly spectacular service that it provides, Digital Ocean can be termed as the most impressive cloud hosting services powered by SSD drives and makes everything fly!

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DigitalOcean Sign-up Process

Not only does Digital Ocean provide excellent service at a low cost but it is also known for its ultra-fast sign-up process. All it takes is roughly 5 minutes to sign-up, add funds to your account, create a droplet and launch your website.

Also, it is quite easy to open up a new account with Digital Ocean. You can just begin by clicking on the Digital Ocean homepage and selecting the sign-up button in the top right corner. You will be then asked to enter your email address and a password you wish to choose. The rest of the details will be emailed to you at that time itself.

After the initial sign-up, you will be redirected to the Settings page and your account will be ready to go, just after adding some funds through the Billings section.

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Amazing Features of Digital Ocean

  • Simple Control Panel:

Digital Ocean makers have made configuring cloud servers and development frameworks straightforward and intuitive. The Digital Ocean’s Active Developer Community are continually updating and moderating throughout. Another thing that aids the developers is that they can find numerous tutorials, FAQ’s and several multiple community projects.

  • SSD-only cloud:

Digital Ocean’s servers provide developers with high-performance Solid State Disks to give them exceptional speed and performance of their hosted websites and applications. The Digital Ocean cloud servers are live and configurable in less than one minute that makes it one of the most preferred servers. Digital Ocean also offers six modern Linux distributions that are ready to be automatically installed upon deployment of the server. Digital Ocean also assists some application packages to be installed with just a single click like LAMP, LEMP, and MEAN. The development frameworks like Ruby, Django, and eCommerce software like Magento, CMS solution like WordPress and Mediawiki can also be installed quite easily.

  • Private Networking:

With the help of a Private Network, you can make a Droplet talk to other Droplets in the same data center. Any amount of traffic sent between Droplets across the Private Network will not count towards the bandwidth costs and can be used for database replication, file storage and similar host to host connection.

  • Transfer Globally:

With Digital Ocean, you can transfer a copy of your Droplet snapshot to any region of the world. With that transferred snapshot, you can spin up your image snapshot from the Droplet create a page in any area.


Digital Ocean uses the term ‘Droplets’ to name its virtual private servers. Every single Droplet you spin is a new VPS meant for your personal use. Following are the steps to setup a new Droplet in a few minutes.

  • The first step to creating your very own Droplet is to log in with your email and password into the Digital Ocean Control Panel.
  • Click on the button that says ‘Create Droplet.’
  • You can create Droplets from 4 available categories.

DigitalOcean Coupon Codes & Setup

  • Distributions: lets you create Droplet from several operating systems like Ubuntu, CoreOS, etc.
  • One-Click Apps: allows you to create droplet from pre-installed and configured programs to get you a strong start.
  • Snapshots: lets you create Droplet from a snapshot that you previously made.
  • Backups: lets you create Droplet from a previously auto-generated Backup.

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  • Now you will need to select your Droplet size depending upon your needs and budget. You can choose from a wide range of prices, power and storage capacity that works best for you.

DigitalOcean Hosting Pricing and Features

digital ocean review


  • Next, you will need to choose the most efficient Droplet region based on your location. The best choice would be select an area that is near you and your customer or possible users.
    digital ocean review


  • Next, you will need to choose some Additional Options to add features to your Droplet. You can choose to have Private Networking, have automatic Backups, enable IPv6 or decide to pass arbitrary user data key.
    digital ocean review


  • Now you will need to select an SSH key to authenticate your Droplets and provide better security.

digital ocean review

  • Next, you will need to choose the number and names of the Droplets you want to create. By default settings, a single Droplet is set to be built though you can opt to choose for creating 5 Droplets that will have the same configuration as you just chose.
    digital ocean review


  • Also remember to name your Droplet as this will be used in the Control Panel as the server’s hostname.
  • After selecting all the preferred options, click on ‘Create’ button to create the desired Droplet. After it is created, you will get a root password for your Droplet in your inbox, or you can use your SSH key to authenticate as the root user instead.
  • The Droplet you wish to have is successfully created. Just log in to your Droplet and enjoy.

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Digital Ocean is well known as the simplest open cloud VPS hosting provider. Digital Ocean Promo Codes are coupons that can be used when ordering a Digital Ocean VPS or a dedicated server to avail a benefit of discounted price.

Any user who signs up for an account can receive $10 and $20 free credits using the promo codes which will provide a 2 or 4 months free VPS hosting when buying a $5 VPS plan.  The support system and enthusiastic makers at Digital Ocean are quite professional when it comes to after sales service. The payment method is also very easy as you can pay using your PayPal account to pay.

Here is a list of Digital Ocean Coupon Codes that can save you money while buying hosting from Digital Ocean:

  1. $10 off on Cloud VPS Hosting:

VPS10to get $10 off on Cloud VPS Hosting you can use this coupon code. Since Digital Ocean provides you with two options for monthly and hourly pricing so this coupon code might come in handy for users choosing the monthly plan. However, if you need to test something out quickly, then you can have a server spooled up in no time and just pay for an hourly usage which starts at $0.007 per hour.

  1. Two months Free VPS Hosting:

SSDTWTTRusing this promo code will give you two benefits. Either you can choose for two free months of basic VPS Hosting with Digital Ocean, or you can choose for one free month of the second tier plan along with the original monthly plan.

  1. $10 Credit at Digital Ocean:

DIVEIN10 using this code will give you a $10 off credit and is similar to the first coupon mentioned above. If the first card doesn’t work then, you can try out this coupon.

  1. $10 credit for a new account:

ALLSSD10 using this coupon code will give you a $10 credit for a new Digital Ocean account at the time of sign up. So if you are a beginner at Digital Ocean then use this coupon and get some discounts on your billings.

  1. $10 credit for WordPress Droplet:

WP10 you can use this coupon code to get a $10 credit when launching a new WordPress Droplet. So whenever you are about to start a new Droplet then just use this coupon code to avail discount on your billing.

  1. Free $15 Credit:

LOWENDBOXyou can apply this coupon code after submitting a valid payment option. Using this coupon code will give you a free $15 credit for your Digital Ocean account.

List of DigitalOcean Coupon Codes with 70%+ Success Rates

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DigitalOcean Coupon Codes for Linux VPS Coupon Code : SSDCHDO20 
DigitalOcean Coupon Codes for Free Credit Code: do343wb7559 
Free DigitalOcean Coupon Codes & Promo Code: ACTIVATE10
 DigitalOcean Coupon Codes in Billing Discount Coupon Code: ALLSSD10 
 Get a $20 Credit Code in DigitalOcean : PHPDROPLET



The Pros:

  • They provide servers all over the world.
  • They have an excellent user experience.
  • They provide super fast support.
  • Enables fast website loading.
  • Affordable hosting price for all type of users.
  • The option of hourly payment.
  • Has a big community of server experts.
  • They provide a dedicated IP.
  • No pricing difference for different server locations.
  • A single click installation.
  • Huge collection of online tutorials.

The Cons:

  • The credits will be automatically deducted from your account if not used for a year.
  • It is sometimes tricky to set up for new users.
  • No support provided via telephone.

Digital Ocean Review

Digital Oceans seems to be the best and affordable cloud hosting to host your websites. Their pricing range starts from $5 to host your website and is one of the most affordable options when it comes to hosting your website in comparison with other cloud hosting services. With Digital Ocean you also get to launch most of the open source app in a few seconds.

If you have a look at some other cloud hosting providers, then there are chances that their subscription rates are too high or the central dashboard to control the app is very confusing. But if you opt for Digital Ocean then you will find that they have a very fluent and straightforward interface and the processing is very fast. Even if you try to download a file to the server, then you can get a speed of up to 30 MB per second which is pretty much fast as compared to what other cloud hosting providers offer.

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Digital Ocean promises a 100% uptime and any of your business will not be affected by the downtime. For instance, a WordPress website with jetpack enabled never shows a down time with Digital Ocean.

As Digital Ocean has got servers all over the world so the load time of every server is very fast. You also get to launch servers all over the world which will make hosting quite rapid and easy and also boost your local SEO.

Digital Ocean also provides a dedicated IP since they have servers all over the world. So users who host in the US will get a US IP and people hosting in India will get an Indian IP.

Digital Ocean lets you attach storage from 1 Gb to 16 TB and up to 16000 Gb extra with your cloud which is loved by every single user. The ample amount of storage is what every user needs and it is available for a price of $0.10 to $1600 depending upon the choice and need.

Therefore we recommend Digital Ocean for a Developer, be it a beginner or a pro. With Digital Ocean you can deploy and save a lot of money. You can also deploy and app on the cloud just for a single day and then later destroy the droplet and get charged for only a single usage. You can also change your environment as per your need and run it on Linux, Centos, Redhat and do all the other things on your own. The support system is very fast and the most important aspect that can be expected from a web hosting company. The Fast Support, Best User Experience and Highly Flexible structure makes Digital Ocean as one of the best in the market and must use for a Developer.