Download Kick The Buddy – Second Kick for iOS X (10) & Android

Download Kick The Buddy

Download Kick The Buddy :: The previous version of Kick the Buddy game is furiously hit. Right here is the sequel of the same game Kick the Buddy Second  KickSecond Kick is out with some deadliest weapon upgraded. If you have played the first version of Kick the Buddy which was created with a motive of de-stressing its players, you better know how fun this game is.


And if you have not played Kick the Buddy yet, well this is time you may get started with the Second Kick. Officially, Kick the Buddy was released for iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, the game won’t be available in any of most reliable portals such as iTunes or Google Play.

The Good NEWS is, you can download Kick the Buddy – Second Kick for your iOS or Android devices such as iPhoneiPadiPod touch, Android Smartphone, and Tablets from some other sources.

If you are intending to play Kick the Buddy in bigger screens like PC desktop or Laptops, you may need to take a bit different and longer path to get the game on.

I will show the way in my next update, till then have fun of Kicking Buddy on your Smartphone.

Little Talk About Kick the Buddy – Second Kick

As the developer of the game states, “Kick the Buddy is the perfect method stress relief”. It is indeed. If you had a bad day out, simply open up the game on your Smartphone or PC, kick off your anger and stresses as hard as you can.

In the gameplay, you will be punishing a doll named as “Buddy” as he continually annoys you. You can use dozens of deadly weapons to tear him apart or blow him up. Weapons were available in the store – missiles, rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, torture instruments, and nuclear bomb!

Additional fun includes, you can play mini-games with your Buddy, make him dance, watching him spinning around, bounce, and more hell of fun. No doubt, Kick Buddy is a kick-ass game you can have for free.

Second Kick Key Features –

-Physically fully simulated

-Various items to Punish and Entertain your Buddyman

-iOS multitasking

-Better design with colourful graphics

-Some awesome categories and elements

-A wardrobe full of fashionable clothing and items for your Buddyman

-Inbuilt sound effects. In this version, you may hear Buddyman speaks

-Beautiful decorations

Know that, while this game reduces your blood pressure, it is also a perfect stuff for spare times.

Download Kick the Buddy – Second Kick for iOS/Android

Despite of being unavailable in the reputed platforms like Google Play and iTunes, you can still easily download Kick the Buddy – Second Kick for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphone, and Tablet.

Android: Android Phone users are suggested to enable “Unknown source” option in order to let their phone accept contents from unknown web sources.

  • Go to your Android phone “Settings” menu.
  • Then tap “Security” option.
  • And finally enable the “Unknown source”.

Once you are done with above procedure, click the below link to Download Kick the Buddy – Second Kick for your Android phone or tablet.


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