I loved those occasions when knowing responses to inquiries like How to Hide Files and Folders on Every Operating System made me feel like an expert hacker, in spite of the fact that that is not the case any longer.

Pretty much anybody with a working PC system can discover his way around answers to inquiries like How to Make an Invisible File, and How to Make an Invisible Folder.

What’s more, trust me a portion of the techniques in this article were really “found” by me back when I was around 12. Ofcourse others may have thought about them as of now, yet I didn’t and I ran over those techniques since I was sufficiently urgent.

In any case, before diving into the subtle elements of How to Make an Invisible File on Your Desktop, let me get into a portion of the essentials.

Oh my goodness, you don’t have to download any product, neither paid not free, every one of the strategies I’m talking about are quite straight-forward and are nearly the official elements of Windows (they were proposed for various purposes, however we will utilize them to our points of interest!)

How Far “Hidden” will These Methods Be:-

So alright you may think about how positive attitude these document concealing techniques be.

Oh my goodness, Windows has an official “concealing” alternative, which isn’t generally shrouded any longer so in spite of the fact that I’d be talking about it, I’d say it’s 2/10 on a rating scale.

In spite of the fact that alternate strategies I’d be talking about are practically similar to secret word ensuring the documents and envelopes, just without utilizing any product or code or anything, so how about we scale them 5/10.

And afterward there’s one last strategy which actually is a “password secure” technique, so thinking of it as’ a genuine watchword that technique goes for around 8/10 (since despite everything it can be broken with Brute drive or great speculating!)

However, well thinking of you as don’t work for the FBI or the NSA, you needn’t bother with 10/10 strategies either, so better believe it these techniques will accomplish for you.

How to Hide Files and Folders on Every Operating System:-

Method #1 to Hide Files and Folders:-

Select the file you want to hide, and right click on it, then select Properties.

Hide files just press ok on hidden box.








Done! The document is presently covered up.

Presently this is the principal technique I was discussing, and it’s not precisely a mystery any longer as it exists from the times of Windows XP so every person thinks about it, so it’s the slightest secure approach to shroud documents and folders, yet it’s still a way.

Method #2 to Hide Files and Folders:-

These are the techniques I said I found myself (and later discovered on the web that the world definitely thought about them, my terrible!)

This technique proves to be useful in case you’re attempting to conceal a “document” and not an envelope. I mean something that has an expansion, as album.jpg document.dox notepad.txt and so forth.

So alright select the record you need to hide> Right snap > Rename.

Hide files

Presently checkout the augmentation of the document, whatever it is, change it to something else. Some regular augmentations you can mistake are:-








So you can change your documents’ expansion to whatever other augmentation from the above rundown (or even some other expansion sorts you know!)

For eg. in the event that I need to stow away password.txt record, I can rename it to myphoto.jpg (I’ve renamed the name to make it look less suspicious)

Hide files

And when a box like the following comes up, just click on OK.









So what you did is, you made a notebook record resemble a photograph. Most importantly, a photograph is not something as intriguing as a “password” record. What’s more, besides, it’s initially a notebook document, while I utilized a photograph augmentation (.jpg), so it in part undermines the record and it won’t open.

Extra Security:- Now in the event that you need to make it completely “covered up”, I’d recommend setting it with different filetypes of a similar sort.

Significance I’d put this photograph (truly the secret word record) with some of my different photographs. So anybody looking in the envelope will believe it’s simply one more photograph record which was undermined for reasons unknown among different photographs.

How to Get the File Back:-

Just rename it back to the original extension. The “name” doesn’t matter. Meaning if originally your file was “passwords.txt”, even after giving it new name back to “i want my file back.txt” will work, just keep the extension fo the file as it was previous.