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Netflix APK : Nowadays, the Internet is like everything for us, and you can do almost everything on the internet. Those old days are gone when we used to wait for our favourite things to come and then access them on some specific things. Now, it’s up to us when and where we want to get entertained and all of this I possible because of the internet.

Everyone loves to watch some specific things like TV shows, Movies etc. Everyone has their favourite movies and shows which entertain them and helps to relieve stress in this day to day stressed life. This is necessary, or your efficiency will get reduced. Watching Favourite things on the internet is on trending now a day. All of a sudden internet rated have been reduced, and everyone has started watching their favourite shows on the internet.

There are many ways to access your favourite content on the internet. You can download certain apps on different platforms. By platforms, I mean operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows etc. You can also refer websites too. They also have sufficient and good quality content. But when it comes to a permanent solution then there should be something which is full of content or what you need. Netflix is one such thing.

How to download content from Netflix?

Netflix comes on two platforms, or you can also refer its website. It has now a very good user base, and it gives you entertainment in every possible way you can think. You can watch your favourite TV shows or movies in the best quality possible and enjoy them to their fullest. You don’t need to worry about searching different things for different apps or sites. You get all at one place in best quality.

Netflix is best when it comes to sitting in a crouch and watching your favourite shows fluently and flawlessly. You get this app on various platforms. It is available for Android and iOS as usual plus you can also download it on your window’s device if you have Windows 10 updated to at least Anniversary update or later.

Till now Netflix was awesome when it came to watching your favourite content at your ease. But what if you have a plan you a long journey where you will be away from the internet. This was the problem. But now this problem has also been solved by Netflix.

You can now download your favourite content for offline playback. This feature is also available on various video watching app like YouTube etc. For now, downloading content for offline playback is limited to the Netflix app, which is currently available for iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4.2 or later. The functionality is also available on the Netflix app for Windows 10, assuming you’re running Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later.

Remember that you can access this feature only on apps on your phones or Windows 10 device with anniversary update. Videos will get downloaded and get stored in your device’s internal space. This is not possible when you watch content on the website because like the app, the website doesn’t have permission to write on your storage directly. So to access this feature, you have to use the app.

There is a specific procedure to download your content from Netflix app; let’s see how it works:

  • First of all, your app needs to be up to date. There are many methods using which you can remain updated. You can also turn auto update-ON on your device to let apps update automatically. If you don’t want to turn auto update on, then you can simply click on the app in the app store. You can do this by searching Netflix app on your app store. You’ll need iOS version 9.0 or Google play store to do so. If you want to use Netflix app for Windows 10, then you can open your windows store and then you can go for Download or updates. After that, click on Updates, and then Netflix app will begin updating.
  • Then comes choosing the downloading quality. It matters a lot because video’s size will depend on quality. If you want to save some space or save some internet or want to download fast, then you can go for Standard quality. It is around 360p resolution. But if you want quality then you should go for the Higher option. Here you get somewhere around 720 and 1080p resolution. You can choose the standard resolution for your mobile devices and higher for laptops and tablets for space-related problems.
  • To choose it, you have to get to app settings. Choose menu and then scroll down to App settings. Then Go to Downloads heading, and here you can select Video quality.
  • Then comes- “choosing what you want to download”. You need to know that you can’t download everything on Netflix. There are some things which you can’t download on Netflix. Netflix has done a very good job in arranging titles according to whether they can be downloaded or not. You can find all content that can be downloaded in the “Available for Download” section. You can get to this option by simply clicking on the menu button which you can see in the upper-left corner. It is the first option housed below the Home section.
  • You can also get help in figuring which item can be downloaded or not by noticing a downward arrow with a horizontal line beneath it. It shows that the following content can be download.
  • To start downloading, simply select the download icon given for a particular video. It can be a show or a movie. Just tap the download icon to start the download. You can also find the downloading progress while downloading in the notification bar or the Netflix app also. Just remember that the video won’t be stored in any cloud storage. It will be stored in your device’s space for offline access.
  • Then is one this that Android users should note. You can only download content to the same storage given on your device on which Netflix app is installed. So, if you want to download content to SD card, then you need first to install the Netflix app on the SD card. This can be done easily; you just need to move the Netflix app after installation to SD card. This can be done by going to App manager and then selecting the app and then sending it to SD card. You should do that if you have an SD card installed on your device because internal device memory is fast and improves the device’s performance. You should always try to use it for more important things and always try to make free space in it.
  • After downloading what you want, you can access them by going to “My Downloads” section. You can find My downloads by going to My app’s upper-left corner. You can find it just above the Home section. It will show the content’s running time and also how much space it uses. Space used is listed directly beside it. You can play any downloaded video by just tapping on the video thumbnail.

Always remember that if you want good quality then choose a higher option and if you are satisfied with medium quality then choose a standard quality option. You will save some space in standard quality option.

Also, see that you can’t transfer your content from one device to another. So if you are planning to fill your hard drive with Netflix videos, then you can’t do so.

How to Delete Titles?

After some time you may find that you need to delete some titles that are stored in your storage. One possible reason for this is you want to get some new content, and you are out of space, Then you may think about deleting some previous content.

You can delete any item by tapping Edit in the upper right corner and tap or click the X icon of any title that you want to delete. There won’t be any second confirmation so be careful while deleting.

What are you want to delete everything you see in the My Downloads section? You can do it also. Just select the menu icon present in the upper- left corner and then scroll and select App settings. From here you can select “Clear all option”. Here you will be asked a confirmation. Confirm it and delete all that you have.

Over to you:

Now we have seen about downloading content from the Netflix app. this feature is a great measure presented by Netflix app. though this feature is already available on many video watching platforms but getting it on Netflix is a different thing. It is because Netflix has user’s favourite TV shows and movies. You won’t find such things on YouTube. That’s why Netflix has way more benefits than other similar platforms having downloading feature. Last but not least, this app has a very large user base and has become very popular. We hope that we will get other some similar interesting updates on this app.


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