How to download torrents using IDM?

let’s talk about Internet and torrent before we download torrents using IDM.  As we all know that Internet is like everything now a day. We can do almost everything with the help of internet. The internet is providing tonnes of facilities and services for users across the world to make living comfortable and easy. The internet has grown area wise too. You will find internet in in many rural areas also, and there will be hardly any place in urban areas where internet is not present. Also now, you can access internet in many ways also. You can access internet on almost all electronic devices. We all have smartphones these days and these all devices attach internet to us all the time. We can watch whatever we want, keep updated at all time and remain socially connected to the world. Keeping internet with you is like having the world in your hand. You can do anything, literally anything on the internet.

Now there are tonnes of media available on the internet, and we all know about it. You can access all your content that you want on the internet. You can watch and download videos, download any type of file, listen to music etc. with the help of internet. There are many other options also available that you can access on the internet. There are many ways and platforms to do so. You can find much content containing websites on the internet. Some of them have free, and some of them have paid content. Websites generally are classified according to the type of content they are giving. Like YouTube is a site for videos, saavan etc. are there for songs and steam etc. for games. So a lot of sites are there, and you can choose according to your need.

Now let’s talk about Torrent. Torrent sites are a platform where you can access almost all content that is available on the internet for free. Yes, free it is. On websites on can find some content paid but on torrent sites, you will see that all things are free. Torrent files are files which have .torrent, and they have a size less than an MB. These contain a list of many folders and files. These also contain some trackers etc. to provide a list of peers and seeds. You just need a torrent client like uTorrent, bit Torrentetc. For downloading form these sites. Just search what you want on torrent sites and then magnet it to start downloading on uTorrent.

How to download torrents using IDM (Internet download manager)?

Some say that torrent is illegal because it contains pirated content and we shouldn’t be using it. It is true, but everyone is using this, so it makes it kind of usable. You can use it but at your own risk. There may be a possibility that torrents are strictly banned in your country. Then, I recommend you not to use torrent sites.

Now let’s see what IDM is? IDM stands for Internet Downloading Manager. It is a software that you can download for free on your laptop/PC or Mac. As the name tells, it is downloading software but is different from conventional downloading. It gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to downloading from the internet. Normally conventional downloading is like straightforward downloading. You can’t manage your downloads properly while using it and you can’t pause your downloads for a long time. But on Internet downloading Manage (IDM), you have the control to pause your downloads and then resume even after you shut down your device. This is the freedom. You can also manage your downloads in a number of ways. You can also perform multi downloads efficiently.

Now let’s see how to download torrents using IDM (Internet Downloading Manager). You will ask why we need to do this when we have uTorrent etc. It is because downloading speeds on uTorrent are slow especially on old torrents. So in this article, we are going to share some methods and by using which the problem of slow speed will get solved and you will experience far better and smoother downloading experience.

IDM gives high speeds to all torrents that’s why we are talking about downloading  torrent files using IDM.

Now let’s see how to download torrents using IDM?

Let’s see at first method. In this method, we are going to use a website called ByteBx. You can upload your torrent file, and that file will get downloaded to their serves. They have insanely high speed. Once the file gets uploaded, you can easily download them later by using Internet Download Manager.

You get a limit of 2.5 GB storage, and you also get a free account on ByteBx. This means you can download any torrent file having a maximum size of 2.5 GB.

Now let’s see some steps for downloading Torrent files using ByteBx.

  • First of all, you have to create a new account on ByteBx.
  • Here you have to “Sign Up” on ByteBx. You have to enter your credentials like your Name, Email Id, password, etc.
  • Then you have to confirm your Email account and then log in to ByteBx with the details that you have filled earlier.
  • There you will get three options- upload File, Upload URL and Upload Torrent.
  • If you want to download, then click on “Upload torrent” and then click on “Choose File”. Then you can browse and select the .torrent file that you want to download.
  • After that, you will see that a blue coloured download button has appeared on your screen. You can click it to start the download.
  • And hence you can download torrents using IDM.

Now let’s look at second method.

In this one, we will use a website named as ZbigZ. It is an alternative to ByteBx, and it is the best alternative you can find. You get two types of accounts- a free one and a premium one. In the premium one, you get the cloud storage, and it is a great thing according to me.

The website is also very compatible and responsive. You can easily open it on your smartphones.
Now let’s take a look at steps for downloading Torrent files with IDM using ZbgiZ.

  • First, you have to copy the link to the torrent file that you want to download.
  • Then, open the application ZbigZ. As we have already discussed, you can use your PC/Laptop or your smartphone also.
  • Here also, you will need to create your account. You can do so by clicking on Sign Up button. Then you can add relevant information also.
  • Then you need to paste the link to the torrent file that you have copied and paste it into the white box. Then click on GO.
  • It will take some time. Just wait till it’s complete its process.
  • Then press on Download button that will be of blue colour. After that, your downloading will get the start.
  • Hence you can download torrents using IDM with ZbigZ . Here you can also do one more thing. You can even download the files in your preferred browser.

Alternative Methods:

There are some other methods also, and the two most common ones have been discussed already. By using this method, you can easily download torrents using IDM (Internet downloading Manager). Two best ones have already been discussed. If by chance, these two methods won’t work, you can use some other that are given below. The basic procedure for downloading is same as that of two main methods. Smaller changes may be there, but basic functioning and set-up will be same.

  • Some of them are:
  • BoxOpus
  • Torrent Handler
  • PutDrive
  • me
  • me
  • Torrent2exe

Just paste the magnet downloading link or upload the torrent file and then you can download the file using IDM. Just give it a try, and you will find it easy.

Over to you:

So in this article, we have discussed Torrents, IDM and we have seen ways to download Torrents using IDM. Why we do so? It is because of torrent clients like uTorrent etc. give low downloading speeds, and old torrents can’t be downloaded using these clients. That’s why we need to use some unconventional methods for downloading torrent’s file.

Both main methods that we have discussed are easy to use and implement. Both are completely working so there won’t be any problem while using them. The biggest thing is you will notice a big change in speed and your overall downloading time will be very much reduced. You can try anyone, and I am suggesting you that both the methods at least deserve one try.

At last, I would say that you should try downloading torrent files using IDM. You can at least give it a try. You will find it worth it. If you are a torrent user and speed matters to you, then you should definitely try this. Just follow the given procedure that has been mentioned above. There are some old torrents that everyone wants to download but can’t. If you want, you can use IDM for the same.


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