How to know if a streaming site is legal?

Streaming Site : As we all know about the internet, there are many sites available for different purposes. You can directly search on the internet using search engines, and internet will show you relevant websites according to what you searched. Sites are arranged according to the type of content and search engines also used search engine optimisation to show relevant sites on top. You can also go directly to a Streaming site by searching the website URL in the URL bar. There are tonnes of sites available on the internet. Some of them are legal, and some are illegal. Legality and illegality of a website depend upon many factors. It also depends on the region in which you live. Some websites are legal in one country, but they may be illegal in others. It depends on the country and region in which you live.

There are also many websites which are harmful to your device, and you should be careful while opening a website. Some websites want you to download useless softwares to proceed forward. You shouldn’t download these, and it is better to close these websites as soon as possible. You can find the same content on many websites. So you should choose Streaming site which are safe and secure. Some websites contain harmful viruses which may affect your device very badly. So it should be your utmost priority to choose a website which you find safe and secure for your content.

How to check if a streaming site is legal?

Now let’s talk about streaming websites. These sites are Streaming site which allow you to watch or stream TV shows and movies for free or they can be paid too. Watching TV shows and movies online are trending now a day. Everyone remains busy with their day to day life, with their jobs that it is very difficult to watch what you want on-time on TV. Time clashing is always there, and usually, we get free times when no-shows and movies are being telecasted on TV. So what we left to do is watching our favourite TV shows and movies online whenever we get time. This is what people are doing now a day. There are tonnes of apps and websites for this purpose. By using them, you can convert your phone into a TV, and you can watch what you want anytime and anywhere you want. This is the freedom that we get from the internet in today’s days.

The internet also has become very cheap, and everyone can afford a good quality internet connection easily. We all know about Jio, and it is now the best and cheap internet option for our smartphones and tablets. You also get enough internet to stream movies and TV shows easily. You can enjoy your favourite content while you travel. You can enjoy whenever you want.

Now let’s talk about quality and safety. When it comes to safety, you should be very careful. There are many sites on which you can find a lot of content, but they are no safe. We’ll discuss how to know if any Streaming Site is illegal or not also in this article.

Let’s see how to know if any streaming site is legal or not?

  • The first method is by noticing ads. If you are on a free website, i.e. the site you are visiting provides content free of cost, then you are most likely to find ads on these websites. It is because these sites earn from advertisements that you see. There is no earning through content. If you visit a website on which content is free, but you see no ads, then there is a high possibility that the website that you have visited is illegal. You can double check it by pressing anywhere on the screen. If it opens new tabs by clicking, then the website is illegal. On new tabs, you can find anything. It can show that you have to download a new software, it can show you some graphics banners, it can show you that your device is being infected by some virus and you have to download something to remove it, or it can show you that you have to update your operating system by clicking on something. It can also bombard your screen with pop-ups and irrelevant ads. If you get all these options, then immediately close it because that site is illegal for sure. If you visit a streaming site and it shows a lot of popup ads, then it is an illegal site, and you should close it immediately.
  • If you visit any website and you find that the content that you are about to visit hasn’t got any type of source, then the site is illegal. Legal websites usually show their deals and partnerships when the content that you are about to visit is concerned. They can tell you about their content through their press release, Wikipedia page, site pages, official announcements etc. It is not so in the case of illegal websites. They don’t reveal their source of content. If you try hard enough to find any information about the content, then they will show a stream of articles, mentioning that the content is pirated.
  • Illegal websites are dull, and they don’t have that feeling that you will get on legal websites. These websites don’t look like professional websites. They are not managed, and you will find it difficult to search what you want. There will be basic errors like typos, grammatical mistakes and missing graphics. Some are so basic that even a kid can tell. These sites usually have worst designs when fonts and colour are concerned. You will find that the layout is very shabby and you will find it difficult to search anything on these websites. You will also find that the navigation tabs are very confusing. This is not so in case of legal streaming site’s. They spend tons of money and effort when it comes to web designing and development. They give their hundred percent to make the user experience as smooth and easy as possible.
  • This one is very easy and very accurate. Usually, illegal streaming websites don’t have their apps for Android and iOS platforms. Legal websites understand the importance of having a mobile app. This is not so in case of illegal websites. Imposters can’t publish a solid app because their content is pirated and they can’t allow downloading and streaming of pirated content. Apps take a lot of money to develop, and illegal websites can’t manage that. That’s why they don’t have apps for the content that they are providing. So if you find a streaming site and you find that there is no app available for it, then there is a very high possibility that the following website is illegal. So if you find that the streaming website has no app on Google Appstore, you can know that the website is illegal.
  • Your browser tells a lot when it comes to a streaming website. Sometimes your browser warns you that the site that you are using is not right. This is possible only when you keep your browser updated, and you use trusted browsers. Not all browsers have that feature to detect whether a site is safe or not. If your browser warns you about that site is not ok, then stay away from the website, or you may infect your device with malware etc. Legal websites allow you to enter without any kind of advisories.
  • If you find that the “About us” or “Who we are” section is missing from a website, then there is a very high possibility that the streaming website, you are on is illegal and unsafe. Any legal website must have an “About us” or “Who we are” page which describes the visions, missions, services and background of the company. You can find this tab at the top or at the bottom of the website. You can also find the “contact us” on legal websites, and it contains e-mail or phone number to contact the website. If you find that this section is missing from a website than it is most likely that the website is illegal.It is because these sites don’t want to show who they are because these sites have pirated content and all content is illegal. So in this way you can easily know that the website that you are using is legal or not.


So in this article, we have seen some ways to find whether a site is legal or not. By knowing this, you can protect your devices from being infected and yourself from getting arrested for using the illegal content. It comes under cyber crime and you must know that. Always try to find and compare websites according to the points that we have discussed and your device main harmless. You a choose any point or all. All points that we have discussed are effective and useful. They really tell the difference. Rest is up to you how you use them.


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