How to use tinder without facebook?

Tinder without Facebook:There is one that that is very much trending, and we all know about it. It is called the Internet. We all know that we do almost everything on Internet from Paying our bills to finding our life partner. The Internet has grown so much that you can’t find a problem in using it and it assists you to proceed every work with ease and fluently.

Let’s talk about Social media sites. You must have heard about Facebook, Twitter etc. These all are social media platforms. These are used to connect you to world socially. You can see what other people are doing in their day to day life. These social media platforms have also become a huge success. Almost, all people are on social media, and I know that you must be having an account on Facebook too. Let’s talk some more about Facebook. Facebook is a social media service that allows you to create an account of yours, free of cost and permit you to connect with anyone in this world. You can become friends with anyone on Facebook, find your real life friends on Facebook and get connected with them. You can also follow anyone or vice-versa also. You can like different pages and let another know what you like and can get to know you better. You can also Like and Comment on different posts for giving your opinion what you think about that particular thing. You can also Tag your Friends to share something with them. You can also use Facebook Messenger to chat directly with your friends on Facebook. These chats are private, and they are kept private from other people. Only you and the person, whom you are messaging can see this. This is just like WhatsApp. You can also create Groups and so much more. You can hardly find any website without having like buttons. This is because every website wants traffic and a lot do so by asking you to log in to your Facebook account. Most websites don’t have their own login portal for comments etc. Instead, they ask you to log in to Facebook if you want to add some comments.

How to use Tinder without facebook?

You can also use Facebook as a marketing platform for your business. Believe me; there is no such thing as Facebook when it comes to online marketing. There are tonnes of options which you can select to select your target audience. You can reach to anyone and show them your ads. For this, you just have to create a Facebook page for your business and spend some money to run ads. After that, you will see that you start getting orders. It is all because of the excellent retargeting system that Facebook uses to re target your viewers. There are tonnes of options that you can use. It is not that easy to use Facebook ads. To target your customers, you have to choose and select a lot of options to save your advertisement cost and to be more specific. For that, you can also hire a Facebook ads expert for your business so that you will be able to save some money. Same things can be done on other social media platforms also. You can do so on Instagram, Pinterest, Google etc. All have their different features, and you choose any with knowing what you are comfortable with.

Now let’s talk about Tinder. Some of you must already know about it. Tinder is an online dating app, and it helps you to find a date online. This app is also trending now a day. This is not that much famous among people because all people don’t use it. This app is built for certain age group only, i.e. youngsters. This app is very easy to use. Those, who use this app or have already used, know how effective this app is. This app really works. You just have to create an account and upload a good profile picture of yours, and you are good to go. You can find different girls/boys, and you can swipe his/her right or left to ask her/him or not. If you are a type of person who is not that much talkative and doesn’t like to interact that much, this app can really help you. You should give it a try.

Sometimes we want online privacy, and we don’t want Facebook to wander around, especially when we are using apps like Tinder. This is what we are going to discuss in the article now. How to use tinder without facebook? The trick that we are going to discuss works both on iPhone and on Android. So you don’t have to change your device now.

Tinder is linked to Facebook because of some following reasons:

  • The most common reason is that by linking Facebook account, you can’t create a fake account. This is how the app checks you and make sure that you’re a real person.
  • It also increases the trust of users because everyone knows about Facebook and by signup through Facebook, everyone thinks that there won’t be any issues.
  • Another one is, Facebook has a lot of photos of yours. Tinder can use those photos without asking you to upload new ones. So basically it is eliminating your work.

Now let’s see why you shouldn’t link Tinder to your Facebook account.

  • The most and most important and popular reason for using tinder without facebook :- everyone wants privacy when it comes to dating. Everyone wants privacy in this matter, and no one would want to let another know what they are doing and who they are making their date. Tinder don’t publish anything on your Facebook profile, but it can get revealed if you are friends with potential matches, grab all your friends and profile photos.
  • The second reason will be if anyone doesn’t want to use the photos that are present in your Facebook Profile for your Tinder profile photos. When you study communications, you study register. Now, Register is basically a set of norms used for one group, and they can differ from group to group. This is also known as “code switching”. It is relevant because profile pictures show different things about you and them also the purpose for which they were shot. I think you understand what I am trying to say. Like everyone has photos that are basically for fun for your friends etc. You wouldn’t like to show it to your date as it won’t be a good first impression.
  • The third reason is also common. You don’t want apps to snoop around your contacts, friends, etc. Sometimes, at some point, you are like, “That’s enough”. I want my privacy. This is also a common and popular reason why people want to use tinder without facebook.

Is Tinder without Facebook !!possible?

Yes, you can do it. You can’t do it fully, but you can reduce it to a very much extent.

  • You can do one basic thing. You can go to your Facebook account and do one thing- change your privacy settings so that you limit how much you are sharing and what other people can see. You can update your settings so that you can ensure that you are not sharing too much information.Here is one thing you can do. You can go to your Facebook account and limit all your photos to your friends only.
  • You can also do one thing. You can go to apps in your Facebook account and there you will Tinder. You can edit its visibility to “Only me”. In this way, Tinder won’t be able to post anything to your Facebook account.
  • You can also create New Facebook account (the fake one), and then you can sign up to your Tinder using this account. This will be 100 % safe as there won’t be any friends of yours on this account and no one will ever know that you are even on Tinder. This is the best possible method that I would recommend you to follow.
  • You can do one big thing also. You can directly contact Tinder by going to Contact us in Tinder and then you can ask them to change their policy related to Facebook integration. If Tinder will get this request from a lot of users, then I am sure they will make “Tinder without Facebook” an option.
  • This feature can be provided in upcoming updates also by Tinder. It depends on a number of users who have problems related to it. Rest depends on Tinder.

Over to you:

So in this article, we understand about Facebook and Tinder, and we also discussed the connection between Facebook and Tinder. We have also discussed how to sign up for Tinder without Facebook and some tricks to fool Facebook and Tinder about this. You can choose any of the method discussed, and I have also mentioned which one is best and effective. Now it’s up to you what you will choose.


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