Top 10 anime apps for android

“Oshiete Oshiete Suno shikumi wo”, “Dragon Dragon wake the Dragon” these must have reminded you what this article is about. Exactly it is about – ANIME. Animes are Japanese animated show with amazing animation qualities and mind-boggling story script and music. Anime is watched worldwide and is loved by people of all the ages, no matter you are a kid or an adult you will still find it amazing and loveable. A number of anime fans are increasing day by day and has gained worldwide popularity . Anime Apps  has led to many different career opportunities also for people and has also given creativity a new level for the watchers. interesting, isn’t it?

Top 10 Anime apps for Android:

Anime is now days watched not only on TVs but also on different websites and apps. With this article, we would tell you about some of the best apps you can select and choose for watching anime and reading mangas over android apps. With these anime apps you can watch anime anytime anywhere. This article lists top 10 android app for watching anime.

So here is the list of the top 10 anime apps for Android users for watching anime shows online. Download then and enjoy watching anime.

1. Anime TV- animania kissanime

Are you an anime lover? Then this app is perfect for you. Anime TV- animania kissanime is one of the favourite and top choices for anime lovers. It is also one of the apps which provides you with exclusive contents and has almost all of the episodes of popular anime shows. It has a very good user interface and loads very quickly thus is also very easy to use, and it also has a collection of decent shows that you will appreciate as an anime lover. So if you are an anime lover, then this app is a must to be installed for you.

2. Anime HD Watch

Anime HD Watch is among the top apps for watching anime on the Android devices. This anime app for android is specifically designed for watching anime shows. It has a huge collection of anime shows in it and has a very easy way of navigating through them. It also has freshly updated content and is also very well organised. There is a guide also installed in the app so that you can easily search through the episodes and look to them on the basis of their name or the episode number. So give this already very popular app a try.

3. Crunchyroll – Everything

Crunchyroll – Everything Anime is known for having the largest library of anime shows and is also advertised with this feature of it. It has more than 25000’s of episodes and more than 5000 hours of the most popular anime series in the world. This app has a collection of much legendary anime shows names like DragonBall Z, Tokyo Ghoul, FullMetal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, High School, Code Geass, One Punch Man and the likes of it shows. This app also has its own website which is also very famous and has a very fast and regular updated content so that you can watch newly released episodes also.

4. Viewster- Anime & Fandom TV

Viewster- Anime & Fandom TV is another Android app for watching anime. It has a collection of free, fan-favourite, popular anime movies and shows in it. This app has a number of various categories in it. It features everything from anime movies to gaming series to the sci-fi movies. It also has the benefit of having content updated on a daily basis so that you can keep on track with the latest episodes released and so you will not be behind from users who are watching it live in Japan. So give this app a try and watch your favourite anime shows and movies in it.


The name answers on its own for this app. More than 7000 different anime and a collection of over 200000 episodes of different anime are available in this app. It has a very simple user interface so again you won’t face any problem using it and would easily find out your favourite anime shows and movies. For an anime lover, this anime app  offers more than enough to look for into. However, this app has a downside as it doesn’t support subtitles or neither have different language list in it. So for some of the users who like to watch anime in some other language or with subtitles might not prefer this app as their first choice.

6. Watch Anime Online

Yes, this is an app! Watch anime online is a completely dedicated to anime shows and movies. It is like the youtube of the anime in some manner. You can find the episodes in HD and stream them for free all around the world. Unlike in the previous one you can watch anime in this with English dubbed or subbed as on your choice. It also has an additional feature so that you can listen to your favourite anime music anytime. It also has a chart of best anime music of all time. It also doesn’t require much of the phone memory which also adds up to its benefits.

7. Anime Crave – Watch Anime On The Go

Want to watch anime shows in high quality? Want to watch anime trailers? Want to rate anime shows? Want to maintain a list of your favourite anime? Well, this app completes all of your these desires.  This anime app has more than 2000 anime titles, and new videos are also added every day. It has an advance anime search so that you can more specifically find your episode. You can also send anime request if you did not find it in the app. For some picky users this app’s design might seem boring to them but overall is a very good app to watch your favourite anime shows.

8. Naruto Shippuden – Watch Free!

Are you a Naruto fan? Well, then this app is perfect for you. As a Naruto fan, you will definitely appreciate this app. This show is one of the largest projects and is very popular among anime lovers. This app is actually a branch of Crunchyroll but is specifically made for the Naruto fans. You can also buy the premium version of this app so that you can watch it without any ads and also enjoy it on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 etc. This app as is a branch of Crunchyroll so is similar to it and has almost a similar interface.


This is an official service that streams anime directly from Japan. It is different from other apps and has a totally different design. You have to make an account and then add some info that will add anime according to your preferences. Since it is an official distributor thereby, you will find additional info regarding episodes and cast name like things also. Each season you will see to be illustrated by an official cover. This anime android app also has subtitles in different languages including English though it is a Japanese based app. This app depends on your gadget, so you might hear complain at times of it being crashed.

10. Anime & Manga Amino

This is an app for not only anime lovers but manga lovers too. Install this anime apps, and you will enjoy all anime related entertainment stuff. You can also find friends who love the same stuff and enjoy and keep in touch with them. So it helps you to share the passion and enjoy more. You can also ask anime related questions and learn more about the other stuff. You can also post stuff like pictures, ideas, post if you want to so that others can see it too. So this app is like a social app for anime and manga lovers.

These were the top 10 anime apps for android user. Hopefully, one of them satisfies your need and serves your purpose and craves for watching anime and reading mangas.

Over to you:

Anime is loved by people of different age groups. No matter you are a kid or a man with a job no matter who you are you will find enjoyment in anime for sure. There is a number of anime which are popular among people. Anime like DragonBall Z, Tokyo Ghoul, FullMetal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, High School, Code Geass, One Punch Man are some of the most popular anime and have even broken many records over the internet.

In this era of anime having an app to watch them is like a dream come true. In this article, we have listed for you some of the most popular anime watching apps for you. Using these anime apps, you can watch your favourite shows and movies of anime anytime and anywhere and will also help you to keep in touch with the latest content. We hope that you will find one of your favourite apps in this article and enjoy watching anime series! Have you ever use any other anime apps on your  device? Please let us know in the comments section ?


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