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Read Manga Online : Reading manga is full of fun and entertaining especially for the manga and other comic lovers. With the world getting digital reading books, manga and comics are also getting digital.So most of the manga lovers have an option to read mangas online, and there are lots of sites who are providing great manga material for you to read.

Manga is a very popular comics of Japan. This is worldwide famous, and manga is one of the most loved types of readings the teenagers and even adults do. Manga is mostly about superheroes or some fantasy story which are super enjoyable to read. So if you are looking for some of the best sites to read mangas online, then you came to the right place.

Top 10 sites to read manga online?

In this article, I have compiled up ten best sites to read mangas online. As a manga lover, I have enjoyed surfing through these sites and reading short stories. Manga can have various types of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror mystery, romance, sexuality, sports and other games. These are originally published in the Japanese language, but since there is a lot of demand for this, they publish the manga on the internet with different languages.

I have personally visited all the websites, and all of them works without any issue. While some websites are little short in the numbers of available manga but you can still get pretty amazing manga to read. So it is up to your own preference which website you like the most.

So here the 10 Best websites to read mangas online

  1. Mangafox – Mangafox is a great website for manga lover. You might be familiar with this website if you ever searched for manga online. It has the largest collection of manga and I bet you will get any manga that you want. This website also provides manga to download in your storage so that you can read manga even when you don’t have internet. Mangas are available in various format. There is no need to sign-up to read online manga. The site is also reliable and secure and you don’t have to worry about getting malware from this site. All types of manga are available here. You can get action, adventure, business, comedy and fantasy etc. I have literally no complains about this website and each every read should put this website in your first priority when it comes reading manga online.
  1. Mangahere – Mangahere is another great site with similar features like mangafox. It has a large collection of a manga book. There are over 1 million manga books which you can read online or download in your memory. There is no error in downloading, and you will get high-quality manga from this site. Manga also contains all the genres of manga including some explicit adult contents which are not good for younger viewers. The site is however not the cleanest. It has an ad on the top of the home page, and there are other topics and news about k-drama etc. You will get the latest updates list if you scroll down a little bit.
  2. Crunchyroll Manga –Crunchyroll Manga has all the manga you can think of. You can download the manga from Crunchyroll Manga easily. However, this site is a paid site with some exception. Crunchyroll Manga requires the user to sign-up to get access to all the manga available in Crunchyroll. You can download manga for your Kindle as well. So this is a very handy site for Kindle users. This online manga reading site started in October 2013. This website is a digital shonen anthology published in North America. There is handful of anime and drama related manga up for grabs for free. Crunchyroll Manga has advertisements, and the new updates are not frequent as the other two websites that I have mentioned above.
  1. Mangareader–this website is another great site to read manga online. It has all types of manga such as comedy, action, adventure and drama etc. In the homepage, you will see the most popular manga and the newly added list. So it is not hard to find a manga that you are looking for. You can also search for the manga from the search bar and like their Facebook page directly from the website. You can easily download and read manga from mangareader. There are ads available on the homepage, but it does not take up much screen real estate.
  1. Mangastream–Mangastream has a different user interface with a almost boring looking website, but that is what some people want. You will find lots of manga here although I’m not sure that you will always be successful in it. I could find some popular manga like Naruto, one piece, Hunter x Hunter and bleach. Over this site is great to read mang online for free. You can also find other articles like blog posts and a QR code to donate to Mangastream community. The website also gets regularly update their manga library.
  2. Comixology–Comixology is not like any other manga website. In fact, this is not even a website; it is a cloud storage based online manga reading platform. Comixology has over 200 million downloads in 2013 because if the wide range of manga and comics it provides. There are over 100K comic and manga to choose from, and there are genres like adventure, action, commerce, business, fantasy and anime which are available in Comixology. You can also download manga for you Kindle as well. Download manga and comics books are easy, and you can instantly download and read manga on your smartphones.
  3. Bookwalker Global –Kadowaka is a Japanese manga company who owned bookwalker Global. This website is 100% legal with full security and customer service. You can find loads of manga here. You don’t have to worry about any copyright complain if you get manga from this site. This site is however paid, and with this much reliability, you can’t really complain. Apart from manga and comics books, light novels are also available to buy. You can have a quick preview of the manga and novel before buying the whole digital product. Bookwalker Global was ranked number 1 consecutively in 2012 and 2013 by apple app store top sales book category. Bookwalker Global also do a giveaway of some limited edition booklet to keep their customer stick to their site. There are hundred thousands of titles to get, and you can expect all types of manga in Bookwalker Global.
  1. KissManga–KissManga is a popular site among online manga reader. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this site is that it packs loads of manga including all the popular manga and trending manga. This website is also a free website where you can read the manga or download manga on your computer and iPhones. KissManga has a simple user interface, and you won’t face any problem looking for your favourite manga. You can find all the popular manga on the home screen with all the latest manga addition of KissManga available on the side of the screen. This website also has a forum section for all sorts of developments and gossips about particular manga. Ads are also available but at the very minimal.
  2. Mangafreak–Mangafreak is a good website where you can get free manga to read. Mangafreak is popular in Japan, and you can expect some great Japanese manga from this site. All genres are available in mangafreak such as fantasy, adventure, anime and action etc.Mangafreakimpliment their inbuilt reader where you can read manga directly from the website. There is no downloading feature on this site, but with the help of some fake mirror site, you can somehow download manga from this site on your smartphones.
  3. Mangakakalot – Mangakakalot has a lot of potential as per my experience. Although the website is still small, you can find some really great manga to read online. Mangakakalot offers free manga to read online from third inbuilt manga reader. Comedy, action, adventure, drama, fantasy and business are some of the genres that you can find in Mangakakalot. You can also get access to some adult contents which are strictly prohibited if you are less than 18.

Over to you: 

The site provides high-quality manga, and it regularly updates the library to provide the latest manga as soon as possible. Yaoi and hot manga can be found here on this site.

So these were ten best websites where you can read the manga. Surely there are lots of other great websites that I have missed, but according to me, these are hands down the best one. You should definitely consider one of the sites if you are looking forward to reading manga. Also, you can recommend this article to your friends so that they can read manga online from the best website. So, you can start reading manga online right away, without wasting much of your time.

If you know any other manga websites, that I didn’t mention then be sure to tell me in the comments section below.


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