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eBook Torrenting Sites : Hey! Guys, looking for books to read but can’t find them or are they costing you a bit too much out of your pockets. Well, good news for you guys as with the help of this article we have presented you the top 15 torrenting site one can choose from and then download your favourite ebooks for free.

Finding ebooks can be a bit of a problem and tricky at times as most of the torrenting sites are blocked in most countries and is not available to be used. But we now that users prefer torrenting sites for downloading ebooks that’s why we have prepared this article for you. Now you won’t  face any problems while downloading ebooks as with this article we will make you aware of some of the most famous torrenting sites.

Here is a list of top 15 ebooks torrent sites one can choose for downloading and reading their favourite ebooks for free and then they can enjoy them anytime and anywhere according to as you wish!

1. EBookShare

You might be aware of this ebook torrent site. It is one of the most popular torrent sites and is also very handy as it includes description of the ebook so you can read the description of the ebook before you download it. It also has the option by which you can search and look for ebook based on their title or their author’s name or subject and other categories. So now you can easily choose your loved book with the help of this ebook torrent site. Now you can download millions of ebook for free with the help of this site for completely free.

2. Bitsnoop

One of the best ebook torrent site which also provides ebook for free. It has a collection of around 2 million ebooks. This site doesn’t require you to register before downloading, and you can simply download the ebook in zip format, you can extract these files in your PC or any other of your device and then read it whenever you want to. This site has categories like video, audio, game, ebook etc. This site has more books than any other site which you might not be able to find on other sites. So download and enjoy reading ebooks as and when you want with the help of this amazing torrent site.

3. ITorrent

It is one of the most fantastic websites for downloading the ebook. It is an educational based site made for educational purpose. In only a few minutes you can download any of your favourite ebooks for completely free. It is one of the safest, trusted and spyware-free source for downloading ebooks. So now you can choose your ebook based on your interest, and you can improve your knowledge in your respective field. So download and enjoy reading ebooks as and when you want with the help of this amazing torrent site.

4. Wikibooks

This is the most famous torrent site and is already very popular and well-known among users. You can access all of the popular and your favourite ebooks on this site and download it for free. It is a non-profit organisation based site that depends on voluntarism and donation. This site is very easy to use, and you can download ebooks in different languages also. You can choose your favourite ebooks based on your interest and get it for completely free in this ebook torrenting site. So now get your favourite ebooks with this site and enjoy reading anytime, anywhere for completely free.

5. WorldWideTorrent

This is one of the comic ebook torrent sites. It is also one of the best places you can look for finding ebooks, and you can find lots of books here. It is very popular for comics, and you can easily download these books anytime anywhere, and it is also expanding its collection day by day so you will get new books also and download it for free. So download and enjoy reading ebooks as and when you want with the help of this amazing torrent site.

6. Ebookee

It is another popular torrenting site where you can find your favourite and best of the ebooks. It is one of the trusted ebook torrenting sites. With the help of this site, you can download any of the ebooks for free of cost. It also has other features like you can find recently looked ebooks, or you can also view last added ebooks or the top 10 ebook torrents also. Many famous writers share their ebooks on this site. You need to make an account if you want to download books in this torrenting site. So, register, download, and enjoy reading!

7. Freebookspot

This is another very popular torrenting site and has more than 90 categories for ebooks available for you. This site doesn’t require you to register before downloading ebooks, and you can download it for free of cost. You can also look for engineering, scientific, programming and other many sorts of books. You can also look for books based on their names or author’s name or language etc.  This site is very popular in USA and Canada. You can also add your own ebook if you want to but for that, you have to register first.

8. Techbooksforfree

Looking for tech-related books? Well, this is one of the best sites you can look to for finding such related books. Here you can find coding or programming related books. This site is completely related to tech hub and programming. Books on C, C++, Python, Linux, Java, Javascript, Microsoft, science and Technology etc. all such books are available here, and you can download and get these ebooks for free. No Registration is required for downloading ebooks all books are free, and you can get them on your device at no cost.


You can download ebooks from this site without any registration. It is a brand new website, and you can search for an ebook that you want just by typing its name in the search bar. All you need to is go to the website and in the top menu look for the ebooks option and then click on it. All ebooks available then will be displayed. There is a search bar at the top if you want to look for an ebook by its title.

10 . ManyBooks

Another very popular torrenting website with 33k+ free books in it. It also supports different formats like Nook, Kindle, iPad or any other eReaders. It has option for browsing ebooks through various categories like you can browse based on genre, or based on language, or authors name or title etc. almost all the books here are free but some of the books cost you out of your pockets but still they are available at a good discounted price for you. So if you are looking for your favourite books, then ManyBooks is one of the sites that you just need to check out.

11 . Online Programming Books

Looking for Programming books? Well as you must have guessed by its name, this site is the hub for programming books and it also has 80+ tech categories for you. Here you can find books like Web design, App development, C, C++, Java etc. all of your study books available here for free for you. You can get all of these books in any of the formats like PDF, ePub, or mobile PDF etc. So if you want to learn anything in related to programming then this site is a must visit for you and learn with downloading these ebooks.


One of the best ebook torrenting sites to download your ebooks. This site has much more stuff available to it than any other sites. With this site, you can download your favourite books for free. This torrent site has various categories like software, graphics, videos, themes etc. and ebooks is one of them. So you can also use this site for many other purposes. So visit this site and start downloading and reading your ebooks.

13. KickAssTorrents

Everyone now days are aware of this torrenting site. This site is one of the oldest and one of the most popular torrent search engine in the world. This site has over 175 K free ebooks in various categories, and it also has a very good search engine so that you can pick your ebooks easily and download it for free. KickAssTorrent or also called KAT is one of the most used sites worldwide and is also one of the most recommended for downloading anything you want and that too for free.

     14. E-Book Directory

It is one of the old sites and growing every day, E-book directory is one of the most popular and has more than 672 categories in it which provides you with around 10K ebooks to you. It also has a search box for you to search your favourite ebooks and download it for free. You can also read these books before downloading it which is convenient for users who suffer storage problems in their device so rather than downloading it you can read them and that too for free.

    15. ExtraTorrent

It is also one of the very popular and one of the best sites you can look for ebooks. In this site, ebooks are very well categorised and are also available for you to download for free. There is also another feature that is RSS subscriber of any of the ebook category and that too for completely free of cost. It is one of the best sites one can look after to download ebooks for free and then you can enjoy it later as and when you want to. So try it and download and enjoy ebooks for free. So download and enjoy reading ebooks as, when and wherever you want with the help of this amazing torrent site.

Wrapping it up

These were the top 15 torrent site one can choose from for downloading their favourite ebooks. Search for your favourite ebooks and enjoy reading now whenever you want and that too for free!

We have shared with you top 15 ebooks torrenting site you can look forward to and enjoy reading. These 15 sites are top most sites you can find for downloading ebooks. Most of the above-discussed ebooks sites are completely free. You are enthusiastic about reading and have a keen interest in reading and learning than this article must have been very informational for you. Also, users who are students can get their tech-related study materials with some of these ebooks sites.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and that you now will be able to get all of those ebooks you were looking for. Enjoy reading! Also, do let us know your favourite eBook sites ?


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