Top 15 sites like couchtuner

Couchtuner is a free online movie streaming site which doesn’t have any videos on its site but just leads its users to different websites. To use this site, it is mandatory for one. Since they just link their users to different sites which offer movies, they are not at risk for any copyrights or other related issues. However, there are always chances that they might get caught in one.Are there any more sites like couchtuner?

Yes,There are many other sites like Couchtuner which has been a helping hand for movie buffs. Just like Couchtuner, these sites have always been there to fullfill our media needs with their huge database of TV shows, music, movies or documentaries. And the list of such sites is never-ending.

Top 15 sites like couchtuner:

  1. Rainierland

Rainierland is one of the best movie streaming sites available on the internet. The thing that makes Rainierland so special is that it hosts thousands of new movies and Tv show collection, so users hardly ever run out of movies to watch. And it is also free. Another added benefit, which I am sure everyone will agree with that, is that Rainierland is ad-free. So, if you are someone who hates ads, then you will love the interface of this site. Built on a simple design, it is very easy to search for movies, while the ads free experience allows uninterrupted streaming sessions. Not only is the site sleek, but loads very fast. And its design makes it easy for even its new users to navigate through the sites, for example. Anyone can surf through the newly added category for newly released movies while the most viewed category provides the list of trending movies. One can also view a Top IMDB area which gives the Top IMDB rating movies.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is a famous online apple tv app where one can watch movies and TV shows for free. It does not require any subscription charges. On the top of the screen, one can find highlighted movies list while at the bottom of the screen, an extensive list of titles is displayed. It is one of the leading platforms where one may find unedited and uncut Hollywood movies. It also means that one can enjoy full-length high-quality movies and TV shows without any further interruption. Crackles update New movies and TV episodes on a monthly basis and so one can never get bored with the large content available on this site.

  1. CMoviesHD

This is one of the most well-maintained sites and ensures getting addicted to once one starts browsing media files from this site. This site has options for great TV series as well, even though the name mentions just movies. The site is always so well updated and has latest movies available for its users. This site may contain some content for adults only, so you might want to be careful of what you are opening. This is also one of the sites which upload movies as soon as they go on air.

  1. Select TV

This sit is not free but asks for a mere payment of $2 per month for enjoying specific services. This site does not stick to TV shows only, even though the name suggests so. It features a long list of movies, Radio channels, Events, and even games. It is a great site and easily accessible. One must sign up to avail the facilities available. This site is just like your own TV at your house, only with less costly cable plan.

  1. The Series Online

The Series Online is one of the best sites like Couchtuner with its richest database in terms of both the available TV shows and movies. It is also one of the most browsed movie sites like Couchtuner.

One can categorise the movies through different sections and can find favourites in them. It is really easy to navigate through this well-maintained site. It is not only very attractive but organised as well, which makes it easy to navigate through the site. One may choose not to get registered in this site and still have access to its huge database. Both movies and TV shows are displayed with pictures and are categorised according to their genres making it easier to find the one you were looking for.

  1. fm

It is one of the most popular movie streaming website in the world. It had been struggling with authorities on the Rights Issue and was forced to change its domain to That didn’t last long as EuroDNS took over and the site started showing Blackhole. Surprisingly, the site is now redirected to a new Domain no more hosted on EuroDNS Server.

This site shows movies brought in from various sources, so if you are looking at one with a lower quality, then you can easily choose a different source to stream it at a higher quality level. This site always has the latest and newest movies available online and are one of the most active movies streaming environments on the internet. They have over 12.2 Million monthly visitors Worldwide and are extremely popular in United States, South Africa, England, Canada and Australia.

  1. ProjectFreeTV

Another sites like Couchtuner but This site is limited to TV shows only. Though the site might not appear very attractive, they have a vast and really good database. Also, no genre based bifurcations are visible and, so it might get difficult to find the one you are looking for sometimes. However, they have popular and recently uploaded categories, which are somewhat helpful. Since this site works as the medium between the viewer and third-party media streamer, none of the content shown here belongs to the site, and all the videos shown are derived from a different source. But this site is nonetheless a decent source to watch one’s favourite shows easily.

  1. Café Movie

This site has a great collection of both movies and TV shows. This is a very well sorted site, which makes navigation extremely simple. Though it is a must to sign up for using this site, it is completely free. The short way to describe this site is that they are good and creative which means that every single thing is sorted out so beautifully that it leaves no place for any confusion. They offer a collection of amazing TV shows and are not limited to English only. They also feature some old classic movies of all time. Categorisation of such movies according to the genre and year makes it easier for you to find the one you are looking for.

  1. Cucirca

Just like ProjectFreeTV, Curcirca is also dedicated to soap opera fans, which means they do not offer movies and are limited to TV shows only. One doesn’t need to sign up to use this site, but getting subscribed would give you an update on the upload of new episodes. The added feature of this site is that you can request for particular show or episode. So, though they have an amazing database and you will surely find the episode you are looking for, in case you don’t, you just put a request, and they just might be able to find that for you. Its countless TV shows collection is set to impress soap opera fans. The site offers both the latest shows and the latest ones, which makes it so addictive. The only problem with this site is the lack of goof accessing since it mostly follows the text links rather than pictures. But its amazing and huge database obviously substitutes this fact.

  1. The Dare TV

The Dare TV offers a great collection and database and gets one easily addicted to it. Though it is a movie site like Couchtuner, the focus is more on TV shows. The site is free, and one doesn’t need to sign up to use the same. Finding your easy movie should not be surprising here, since though they focus on TV shows, they have a pretty good database of movies as well. They also have a database of Live sports which makes it all the more interesting.

  1. Series Craving

The next addition to the list of sites like Couchtuner is Series Cravings, which just like its name is completely dedicated to various TV shows and TV series. The best thing about series craving? One can find decade old shows here. So, if you are up for reliving your favourite shows from that time, then this is the best fit for you. The site is really good with easy accessibility and its good looks. The TV shows are featured with images and so helps avoid any confusion. One can find everything here. It is just like a one-stop solution for all soap opera fans. They have everything from old to new to very recent to latest. Just like regular TV shows, they even follow and display a TV schedule for its users, which keeps the users updated when a particular episode of a show will be uploaded on the site, which removes the hassle of checking the site again and again to find the episode they are waiting for.

  1. Alluc

Alluc provides free media streaming. Its way of operating is different than other sites as it encourages its users to upload links to video sharing sources and group them under appropriate categories. These are then examined by the site admin before finally being published for the public. It also means that one can locate movies online from multiple sources with a single search at one place of the highest quality. It also offers links where one can download new movies for free. What else can one want!

  1. Watch Episode

This is the heaven for TV show lovers. This site is not only well maintained and well designed to allow easy navigation for its users, but it also has a huge database where one can find all TV shows. One doesn’t need to register to use this site and can use it for free. The additional feature of this site is its section named Top 10 wherein they feature top 10 shows of the day. The list changes on a daily basis and contains shows of all eras. It also has a good collection of old and classic TV shows, some of which are as old as the 1960s. So, if you are a lover of old TV shows, then this might be just the place for you.

  1. TubiTv

This is absolutely the perfect place for nonstop entertainment. It is also one of the most underrated sites same as the sites like Couchtuner. This has a huge database of ultimate classic movies and also offers entertaining TV shows. One does not need to pay anything to get registered on this site. That is not all. TubiTV also has its own application which is available both for Android and iOS devices. It is amazing that all these features can be found just on a single site. Though it is mandatory to get registered here to avail the content on this site, just like Couchtuner, the same is free. It is also 100% safe to use, and one doesn’t need to fear facing malware issues.

  1. MoviesCo

MoviesCo offers a very friendly user interface that makes it very easy for the user to navigate through the site and search for their favourite movie or latest movie easily. The site is divided into three menus. One of those menus is “Popular Movies” wherein a user can find all the latest and trending movies. It offers a wide genre of movies like any other site, and one can choose any movie from the huge options made available by MoviesCo.

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These All sites like Couchtuner are all the best in what they offer and are a huge treasure for movie lovers. These are also free and allows its user access to an unlimited database of movies. Not everyone can afford to browse paid sites, and for such people, these sites work wonders


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