Movies online: When it comes to watching movies online, it is not an easy thing to do especially if you are looking for free for all sites where you can watch online content for free. There are other problems that might occur in order to watch online movies such as error of loading of the page and complicated process of signing up to the page. No one wants to get through this situations.

So if you are looking for the best sites to watch movies online, then you don’t have to do it since I did it for you already. I have researched plenty amount of time on the internet trying to find some of the best sites to watch movies online. I have compiled up these lists of 20 websites where you can watch movies online, and I have checked each and every website. I could manage to watch movies in all the sites in the list with little to no problem.

You will get a different experience on each website and it is up to you which website you prefer to watch movies online the website names on the list.

20 Best sites to watch movies online

  1. Amazon – We all know Amazon for its large e-commerce but now you will this site as a great website to watch movies online. It has a great user experience, and you will get all types of music including the newly released. You can browse from the large library of amazon movies, and you can watch them in high definition and high-quality audio. Amazon provides some familiar channels such as HBO and star movies etc. With all the great feature there is one thing which you might not like, that is Amazon movies are not free. You have to pay for a subscription, but you will get a free 30 days trial before you pay for the subscription.
  2. Solar Movie –SolarMovie is a great website to watch Hollywood movies. There are lots of Hollywood movies including the newly released movies. You can watch movies in high definition 720p and 1080p quality. The website interface is a little complex, but you will get used to it. It is free to watch content on this site, and that’s why you won’t get an experience which is as good as Amazon. The website tends to change its URL quite a lot of time, and you have to keep checking in Butter blog to see all the updates about the URL.
  1. Crackle – Crackle has been updating its sites and with it is a new partnership with Sony Pictures. They have the official authority to show movies from Sony pictures which is a great thing for us since Sony pictures release some of the best movies of the year. As expected you will get high definition movies with the great user experience. You will have to see some ad on the site every once in a while watching movies online.
  1. Popcornflix –Popcornflix has a great user experience. This website provides free online movies , and with their regular updates, you will see new movies quite frequently. Screen media ventures have partnered with popcornflix which brings new movies for its users. You can watch different types of movies with a wide range of online movies provided by popcornflix; these include comedy, drama, sci-fi, action and romance. There are over 1500 movies to watch in popocornflix. You can also find web and school originals on this website. You don’t have to make an account in popcornflix. Just enter the website and select any picture that you want and you are good to go.
  1. Viewster–Viewster has a large database of movies which you can stream in high quality. They also provide your favourite TV shows to watch for free as well. You will see popular movies and some out of the radar movies which are not covered by the mainstream by the audience. You might find those movies interesting also. You don’t have to sign up in viewster in order to stream movies and TV shows. Viewster is a full packed site to stream movies and TV shows for free. There are not many new movies on the site, but they make sure that it is available sooner than later.
  1. Yidio –Yidio provides various categories of movies streaming platform and one of them is the free movies streaming site. This category is specifically created to provide free movies and to stream movies for free. With all these categories inside Yidio, you must have already suspected that not everything is free in Yidio. You can find free movies in this category which are usually rated as R, PG-13 and G. you can find multiple genres like animation, classics, musical, TV movie and western in Yidio.
  1. Youtube –Youtube is not just a place to watch movies trailers. Now there is a movie section on Youtube which is not free of cost, but there are definitely some great free movies that you can stream for free. Just like Youtube gaming, Youtube movie is a thing now. I would suggest you to spend some bucks on Youtube movies because youtube is a reliable place which is backed by Google itself. So you won’t have to worry about anything, and at the same time, you can watch some exclusive movies in high definition. But if we talk about the free side I manage to watch children of the corn and hellraiser.
  1. Snagfilms –Snagfilm is a new website, and this website has a lot of potentials. This website is great as per my experience. This website has over 10000 movies which are all available to stream for free. The user interface is also good and looking for movies has never been easy. You can search movies by genre, most viewed, newly added and most popular. You have to sign-up with one of your accounts from facebook, twitter and google + so that you can share movies with your friends on social media etc.
  1. Tubi TV –TubiTv has thousands of movies to watch. Although each and every movie can be a stream in high definition but not every movie is free to watch. You will still get popular movies to stream for free. There are many genres of movies in Tubi TV to choose from. There are romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy and horror films etc. some special features are also included such as Wild things, Best of British, Women First, after hours and grindhouse. There are other categories available in Tubi TV which makes your search much easier. The featured, new Arrivals, Movie Night, Trending, Highly Rated on rotten tomatoes, Film festival favourites and not on Netflix sections are the categories available in Tubi TV.
  1. Top Documentary Films – The name of this website is pretty self-explanatory and if you are a fan of documentaries then you should definitely check out this website. These public domain documentaries can be a stream for free. The documentaries are organised properly into categories which enhance your user experience.
  1. Movies Found – This free movie streaming sites provided many public domain movies from all over the internet and compiled it in the website so that you can find the link to watch and stream movies for free. The movies available in Movies Found Online are listed on one page and categorise in genres such as action, comedy, drama and romance. You can search for movies in categories like recently added, year and top rated.
  1. Classic Cinema Online – Classic cinema does not have the most extensive database of movies. It has a handful of movies which can be downloaded or stream for free. If you are into silent movies, then this website may have something you are looking for. Silent movies are a unique type of movies, and such movies castes movie stars like Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Richard Burton and Lucille Ball.
  1. Retrovision –Retrovision has tons of movies which are available for free to stream. Stream any movie that you want from the following genres, Adventure, Comedy, crime, drama, horror, the science of fiction, western, war and film noir movies. Retrovision has some of the greatest classic TV shows like Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies, burns and Allen, dick van dyke, gangbusters and one step beyond.
  1. MovieZoot –MovieZoot is also a great platform to watch classic movies. You might not find these in high definition since there was not high-quality camera back then. But the technology has converted the contents in as good quality as it can. Movies are categorized into genres like martial arts, westerns, musicals, action and romance etc. The search tool in moviezoot lets you search for any specific movie in Moviezoot. Just don’t expect that you will find new movies in Moviezoot.
  1. Pluto TV – Pluto Tv is another reliable website to stream movies for free. You can even watch live contents in Pluto TV. The live service is praised by everyone who visited this website, and I was also amazed by this service. If you enter This site then you can easily stream live TV which might be playing your favourite movie or TV shows. You can use any browser, and it works on the desktop as well as on smartphones. Drama, comedy, action, horror, romance and other types of movies are available in Pluto TV.
  1. Free Movies Cinema – Free Movies Cinema has an unlimited end in the title of the movie since it has a collection of independent movies which is already a lot. It also provides public domains for a wider range of your favourite movies. Just search for any movies from the search bar or from the genres like action, romance, comedy and horror etc. It will show results from both free collections as well as from the public domains. Streaming and watching contents are absolutely free of cost in Free Movies cinemas. You can use the viewer to watch movies without any issue. You can also share the links to the movies to your friends.
  1. Internet Movie archive – Internet Movie archive works just like the public domain torrents. There are thousands of  movies online that you can watch from the public domains. You can either stream or watch movies for free. Some movies are even available high definition to watch and download. You can find different kinds of movie genres such as sci-fi, action, drama and comedy etc. be sure to check out the site to check on the newly added and popular movies.
  1. Veoh–veoh is not gonna be your first choice when it comes to stream movies online, but it gets the job done. You can find various types of movies from all the popular genres. You can also find short, entertaining videos in Veoh. Movies are categorised as recently added, videos and also one in particular language. You can sort movies according to their length also.
  1. Public Domain Torrents – Public domain torrents has lots of public domains sites for watching online movies for free. You can also find B-movies in public domain torrents. With all sorts of genres available in public domain torrents, you can also download movies to watch them later.
  2. Los Movies – You can find movies and your favourite TV shows which are available to stream for free. There are loads of movies which can choose from the Los Movies Library. Select any movie from the main genre of the movie in Los Movie. You can also search any movie that you want from the search bar by just typing in.

Over to you:

So this is the complete list of the  movies online  streaming websites which I think you should definitely check out. While some of the websites might not work all the time but you should definitely consider the websites that I have listed at the top. This article was a guide on best free movie streaming site, but it is hard to get anything for free these days especially free movie streaming sites. Be sure to give your feedback in the comments section and if you know any other movie streaming site then definitely let me know.


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