Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps For Android – 2017

Best Call Recording Apps

Best Call Recording Apps : So,you wish you had a proof of the phone conversation or you want to remember all the details of conversations you had with a client.No matter what your reasons must be , you may have wanted once or twice to have a record of conversations that you had with someone. But the question is “Which call recorder should you use ” ? So looking for a good Best call recorder app in android is really hard in Play Store as there are quite a few apps which have the same name of Call Recorder but barely work or even if they work their recording quality is low or they stop working in the middle of a conversation.


Top 3 Best Call Recording Apps :


So today I am gong to take you through a few good call recorder apps that have a good reputation and are also working well with really good recording quality.

List of top 3 call recorder apps

  1. Automatic call recorder by Appliqato: So this is so far the most popular app, to record phone calls and also for free. But what surprises me most is the 4.2 rating from more then half a million users.However to make sure this app works on your device always check the latest review from the device you are going to use the app on.And if they are good then please go ahead and download it.

Once installed this all automatically start recording every call the you make or receive OR you can also stop the recording in the middle of the call or start recording in the middle of the call. And supports 3 types of recording formats like .3gp, .wav and .amr.


  1. Call Recorder ACR by Nil : Like the previous call recorder, ACR call recorder is also free and support two way call recording. And also there are few key features like there is an in-built option to add a password to open the app, this is really good when your friend or family member is going through your phone and you don’t want them to go through the app.Rated 4.4 and it support a special recording format that can be played anywhere i.e .mp3.

1.Call Recorder by Skyalex : The first thing you will notice about this app is that, It’s a paid app. 10$ for a call recording app sounds too good for a deal when we can have it for free so you can go ahead and try a 10 days trial version. I have used the trial version and noticed that instead of using the notification bar for stopping the recording it uses a stop button on homescreen and has a lot of worthy features  like it can adjust its own best settings for your  phone and you simply need to put in your model name in the list.So if the other apps are not working for you,  this paid app with a little money can be the best call recorder app out there.

So this were the list of the Top 3 best Call Recording Apps For Android, hope this article will help you with recording and saving the conversation that you want and never worry about loosing any details of the conversation that you need. If you liked this article please share and leave a comment below and also suggest if you find any other call recorder that was more helpful for you.


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