Top 40 apps for rooted android devices

Some of the popular reasons for which you may think about rooting your android phone are that if you want to get rid of various preinstalled crap ware or want any of those apps that have been unavailable for your device so far! Besides, rooting your device helps you to boost the battery life of your device and helps you use the super user. Along with that, once you go for rooting your android phone, you would find that wiht the help of the apps for rooted android devices processing power of your device would be increased as well.

Top 40 apps for Rooted Android Smartphones:

While talking about these excellent prospects as gifted by the Android platform to its users, I would look forward to mentioning the 40 Applications that are good enough to offer you the potential of modifying system-level features, thereby allowing you to ensure upgraded usage as well as making the device more intuitive to its surroundings.

  • Titanium Backup

If you are wondering about an app that could help you restore all the data on your android device, this is surely the one for you! In case you have deleted any data from your device by mistake and you are craving hard to get it back, this app would help you do the same! One can easily look for taking the back up of the device by simply going to the settings option on the Android phone and then move on to the Backup and restore option that is present therein. However, this isn’t such an awesomely working procedure. However, Titanium would enable you to do it in a greater way!

  • Lucky Patcher

I am quite sure that you have already come across this name before! It is certainly one of the best apps for any rooted android device. It works really well when it comes to removing the license verification from any of the applications. It also allows its users to remove all sorts of advertisements that often come over your screen all of a sudden when you are running the app. This app is usually placed at the top of the list and is known for being one of the most popular apps when it comes to any rooted android device.

  • Viper4Android

If you are using a normal android phone, definitely this won’t be possible for your device. However, if your Android device is a little upgraded and a high-end device would surely be the perfect one to serve you for this purpose. In case you are thinking about controlling various audio devices that have been connected to your phone, this is the app for you. If you have still not got it on your device, I will rather ask you to get it on your android phone and start working with it. You are also allowed to access the excellent root prospects through this app. It also lets you control the play back, headsets, equaliser and many more ventures through this app.

  • Greenify

If you are worried about your battery draining out quite fast, this is definitely the application that you should be trying out! This app is particularly known for being an awesome RAM saver as well as help you preserve your battery juice. It lets you prevent the extra usage of your battery life. There are times when you face a battery problem just because you have so many apps running in the background. In that case, go for this particular app as it enables you to freeze those apps that have been consuming your battery.

  • Nandroid Manager

If you are looking for an app that can manage the backups of your android device, you need to have this app on your device. This app enables you to recover the fall, and you would also be able to restore the data at ease with this application. In just a couple of clicks and within a matter of just a few seconds, you would be able to get your job done without any trouble. If you are not willing to get the paid version of this app, I would rather ask you to go with the free version at first, and once you get comfortable using it, you may move on to get the paid one that comes with the advanced features.

  • Quick Boot

Have you ever thought of dealing with flash Custom ROMs or is extremely eager to go for the CWM recovery, this app is the one for you! In just a matter of using several keys and clicks, you can continue experimenting with the kernels and tweaks.  Reboot to recovery and reboot to boot loader are some of the prospects that could be inserted into the Android device in order to enhance its functionality even greater. Both the free as well as the paid version is available for this app, and you can get any of them that suits your budget and working necessities.

  • Dumpster

There are times when we keep on regretting our lost memories just because you have got some of your files deleted from your device. It may be done accidentally but you really crave to get them back at all cost. In that case, how would you be getting them back? This app is the one to work for you. It allows you to restore the data that you had already lost and not only images, videos or music, this app is also useful to you when you have been looking for ways to recover any important document.

  • Xposed Framework

This app is one of the best working applications when it comes to customising your android phone with the use of Custom ROMs. It is meant to upgrade your android phone to a completely different level, thereby providing you with the prospects of using a better interface that is more appealing and unique. You can customise your Android phone with the use of this application without actually installing custom ROMs. It is also regarded as one of the best root apps for any android phones. Of course, it will deliver a user-friendly interface as well as serve your purpose at the latest.

  • Servicely

A lot of times it happens that you find your battery juice draining out quite fast. It is truly quite irritating, and that is the time when you are crazy about looking for critical ways through which you can get rid of the situation. This app allows you to disable the background running apps and it would continue to use up your battery by the time your screen turns off. This app works pretty well and is not at all much expensive. All you need is to spend only three bucks to get the paid version of this application.

  • AdBlock Plus

Of course, Ads play a significant role in determining the overall rank of a website as well as to ensure the income of revenue from it. All websites do not make use of advertisement fairly. There are several applications that keep on testing your patience and continue to bother you when you are happily running some apps or going through a website. These floating ads or pop-ups are truly irritating and in order to get rid of them, you ought to get this app on your Android phone. It is potent of blocking the ads on your phone that comes from different websites.

  • Terminal Emulator

Just like Windows PC has got Command Prompt or CMD, several other operating systems have got their own ways of getting the commands. In that case, this app is helpful in enabling your device to go through the process wherein you would be able to give commands. This app is not actually designed for the users who aren’t that techy. However, if you think you have interest in the other sector and is looking forward to dealing via commands, you may definitely try this out. It works pretty well for the advanced users and developers.

  • XMOD games

Are you in love with the gaming apps? If so, this is certainly one of the best rooted android apps that you must have along with yourself. This application is meant for patching the online games such as the clash of clans and a lot more. You can use this application to patch various kinds of online games and surprise your friends by achieving an awesome score. You would be fetching this game at ease over the online store. One can search the app simply from the web and get it downloaded to enjoy the provisions that it comes along with itself.

  • Better Battery Stats

Are you looking for ways to get stats for your battery usage? Of course, all of the Android users out there would be crazy enough to find ways through which you can improve the battery life of your device. This app is the best one for you and it displays a lot of details on your device such as displaying the time at which you have been using the wi-fi or data connection from your device. Since you get all the details displayed over there, you can use this app to improve the battery life of your device.

  • Root Explorer

If you are searching for an application for your Android device that can manage your system folder in the most efficient way, ES File Explorer is the best one for you! It allows the users to edit any system file. If your phone is giving any kind of error or any of your games are causing trouble at work, you can easily get this particular app downloaded for your android device simply from the Play Store and enable using the application in just a single click. You would also be allowed to access the zipped folder or any sort of text documents.

  • Fullscreen

There are times when you think of getting a fullscreen overview, but somewhat you are not able to afford it due to the presence of soft keys or the navigation bar. In that case, it would be better if you consider a Fullscreen app to access this issue. There are times when you would be playing a video game or using some app, but the small screen on your device has been irritating you! In that case, this app would work wonderfully well on your device and get your issue solved.

  • ROM Toolbox

This app is one of the best apps that go for rooted android devices. This application allows you to perform a lot of tweaks with the help of your Android phone. It also enables you to install custom recoveries and custom ROMs with this particular application. As you keep on working with this app, you will be discovering more and more features with this app which will ultimately help you to enhance the overall working potential of your Rooted Android device.


Having been a user who has been dealing with Lollipop and Kitkat, you must have encountered an issue, wherein your device is not able to write the data on your SD card. This particular app works really awesome, and it helps you to fix the issue on your Android device that you have been facing so far. This app lets you troubleshoot your problem, thereby helping you to access your SD card. This lets any third party apps deal with your SD card, thereby permitting your device to write data over it.

  • Tasker

Although this app is not accessed by every android user, certainly it delivers a lot of benefits to all its users. The basic reason for which a lot of Android users keep away from this app is that it is a paid application and in order to ensure using its features, you would need to pay an amount for it. This enables your phone to get automated at ease, which can be better explained in the way that in case you have got your ear phones plugged into your device, your device shall be playing music automatically. This app is really awesome, and it works pretty well if you are a lazy-go person. It makes your system smarter than it has been before and it not only supports usage for rooted android devices, but it also works great for non-rooted devices too!

  • Link2SD

This app works really well when you have been looking for something that is able to save the memory space of your system. If you already have several apps installed in your phone memory, you can move all of them to your SD card and in return, have your phone memory absolutely free. This is tagged as one of the most popular rooted android devices apps.

  • SCR Screen Recorder

If you are looking for an application that deals with screen recording, this is definitely the one for you! It is also regarded as a must-have app for every rooted android device. It also allows your device to record audio from your screen recordings as well. For all the android users who have been looking for screen recorder apps, this would probably be the best one for you.

  • Chainfire 3 D

If you are a game lover and have been looking for an application that would be able to optimise the overall performance of your games, definitely, this app is the best one to work for you! For some Android phones, the low graphics of the phone lower your interest at game play. The phone starts lagging just because you have low-quality graphics which fails to lure the eyes of the gamers. This is a must-have application for the rooted android phones, and you need to have it particularly when you are using a low-end device.

  • Set CPU

This application works really well when you are looking for an app that is meant for the Android users. It works amazingly well when you are looking for an app that would boost the performance of your phone. A lot of users face an issue with their device, typically because their device has been draining out of battery. In case you find your battery draining out too fast, you can take an assistance of this application and ensure the fact that your CPU has been working pretty well. It helps in saving the battery life of your Android device as well as help your CPU to maximise its overall efficiency and performance. It even saves your battery life, thereby helping your device to work with a higher efficiency.

  • Flashify

This is one of the best apps for you when you want to custom kernel images or is looking for a flash recovery. Before flashing your device, you ought to back up the original recovery kernel images. This app will surely help you to resolve your problem without any trouble. You can certainly use this application if you are looking for flashing your Rooted Android device without the use of PCs. Therefore, if you are still searching for a perfect app that would be able to meet your demand, I guess this would be the best one to work for you!

  • DPI Changer

If you have got a small screen size rooted android device, there are times when you are keen to own a device that has got a bigger screen. This application is definitely a must-have app for you and makes your Android device appear just like a tablet. Just like you are looking for something that can change the screen resolution in your PC, in the same way, you would be able to change the screen resolution of your device. This would help you to look like the big size screen device.

  • Soft Robot

In several cases, you would be looking forward to rebooting your device, but then you think of stepping back just because you need a lot of time to reboot your device. In order to make sure that you save your extra time, you will need a little time just around 15 – 20 seconds. This application is meant to boot your device without any issue and that too, within a short span of time. You can download this app and start working with it to make sure that you are able to reboot your device. You may either keep the android device in fastboot or in the recovery mood in just a single click. Thus, if you are thinking about rebooting your phone as well as save that extra time, this is the best one to work for you!

  • Super SU

Super Su is an amazing app when you have been looking forward to rooting your mobile; it permits the user to provide permission so as to root the application. Just go to the Settings option of Super Su, and you will be able to unroot your device in just a single click. This enables you to give permission to your apps individually. This is regarded as one of the best apps that are meant to provide permission to the apps. So if you want to root your device and grant permission to the apps, this would be the best one for you!

  • Network Spoofer

Who does not want to have fun with your friends? Of course, everyone does! In case you are looking for a little fun and entertainment with your friends, you can use thus, app and connect with your friends and acquaintances via the wi-fi network. The users can perform a lot of things by accessing this application. If you have still not downloaded this app, I would call you to get it downloaded as early as possible.

  • Wi-Fi Tethering

Most of the devices that you usually consider using these days come with the feature, wi-fi hotspot. This option is, however, not available with the older devices that have been in use years before. In case you do not see this feature available on your device, you may choose to move on to get this option integrated into your device. This is one of the best apps that is being used by the rooted android devices. It works amazingly well.

  • Boot Animations

If you are sick of getting through that animation that keeps on appearing over the screen every time you go for rebooting your device, Boot Animations is certainly the best app to help you out in this context. This is one of the best apps to be used for any android device. This application could be easily fetched from the Play Store and that also for free. You do not require to pay even a single penny for it. The library has got a lot of root apps available on the board, and with Boot Animations, you are surely good to go!

  • DiskDigger

In several unrooted phones, this app fails to carry the elaborated search so as to dig through the deleted files. It is never necessary to own a rooted android device just because you need to run this app; rather you can choose the other option too. If you have got an unrooted device and you still want to access this app, you can easily get on to do it. This app would let you the permission through which you can search through the deleted pictures or files.

  • Chainfire 3 D

If you are one of those crazy game lovers who can remain engaged all throughout the day with those terrific game play, this is a must-have app for you. This application works amazingly well when you need an app to optimise the performance of the games. There are times when you lag in getting that amazing experience from the game play, rather the higher size of the graphics could be reduced with this app in order to help you gain a greater experience.

  • Hosts Editor

Have you been familiar with the prospects of hosting files on your computer, then this app is the one for you! The host’s file is typically meant to block the access of several websites. This is one of the best apps that you could get from the Play Store and you can choose to download it from there for free, without paying anything for it! You would not find any ads on it and get that from the Play Store is not at all a big thing.

  • 3 C toolbox

Among the best root apps that are available on the Android platform, this is one of the best-known apps so far for rooted android device. The versatility of this app has made it amazingly famous among the users which in turn has attracted plenty of users to select this particular application. A lot of tasks could be done using this particular application and you can control the CPU, save the battery as well as the wi-fi access priority and auto backups.

  • DPI Changer

If you are looking for ways to check your display, Pixels per Inch, commonly regarded as DPI is recognised as the best measure that could be used to learn the quality of the display. This app is meant particularly for any rooted phone, and you can alter the DPI from the XDA forum to a certain extent. This is meant to improve the overall visual experience on your end and help you fetch greater graphics with a higher display quality.

  • Smart Booster

If you are looking for ways to clean your phone and make your device appear super fast, you shall not be able to find a device that keeps on sluggish most of the times. It involves getting SD Card cleaner, fast cache cleaner, partition manager along with several other features. This app works pretty well, and if you see your criteria being matched with this application, I would rather suggest you go for it and experience the wonderful gaming prospects that this application comes along with.

  • Set DNS

Wi-fi and data are extremely important to help you get a better networking prospect. In the present lifestyle, it is essential to have a data facility, typically when you require a data provision that can lead you globally. DNS problems are quite common and there are times when we encounter a lot of trouble particularly when you are looking for ways to connect to the web. Therefore, if you have been looking forward to getting rid of the issues when you usually face the problem of connecting to the web. This kind of difficulty is mostly caused since the application permits you to alter the name servers of your mobile data as well as the wi-fi connections. This app also supports a lot of DNS in a troublesome manner.

  • Battery Calibration

The Android Operating system is potent of generating a bin file that is meant to keep a track regarding the battery details and offer the same with a detailed overview to the same user. If you are looking forward to deleting the bin file, it is surely meant to result in a huge leap that leads to battery backup. It is available for free of cost and you can easily have it downloaded to your device without any trouble. In several cases, deleting the bin file ultimately leads to a huge leap in regard to the backup of the battery. This application is certainly available for free and if you want to get it downloaded on your device, you may easily fetch it in your device in just a little time

  • Data Sync

Have you been looking for ways to which you will be able to transfer the app data from your device with any of your friends, and you are not sure about where it was located? For all the rooted android phone, this is sure to be a must-have app for your device. Thus, if you are still thinking about ways to which you would be connected to your friends and all those people whom you know or the ones who have been your acquaintances. Therefore, it is your responsibility to consider how would you be able to share application data with ease. It lets you deal with data wirelessly without considering much trouble in any case.

Over to you –

Now that you are already aware of those 40 best rooted android applications, you may easily opt for a trial episode that follows and see which of them would actually work and meet your purpose. Learn your demands promptly, and then you may jump on to pick your choice. Before you actually make a decision, I would rather recommend you to go for the free versions of the applications before you actually drift on to get a paid version of the same app. Of course, you would be getting several additional features along with, but prior to that, I would ask you to see what these apps really provide and if they worth your money, you can think about purchasing it.

All these applications are super awesome and work great when it comes to rooted android phones. If you have still not decided about which app to go for while rooting your Android smartphone, I would rather suggest you to go through the list of apps mentioned above and pick one from the list. These apps are absolutely awesome when it comes to making your experience faster and easier!


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