No PC safeguard is finished unless a firewall is additionally install on that system. Firewall is a standout amongst the most important uses of your PC. Firewall keeps the unapproved endeavors to get to your PC. To guard your PC and information you’ll require a decent antivirus software and Firewall. Antivirus examines you PC for contaminated documents and isolate the record which is endeavoring to infect your PC. Yet, Antivirus program can’t guard you over the system. Hackers can get to your PC on the off chance that they found the ports which your PC is utilizing. Along these lines you require a decent firewall keep your system not unmistakable to the awful folks. Firewall consolidated with Antivirus software can give astounding ensure against an extensive variety of dangers to you PC. Windows operating system accompanies inbuilt Firewall, however in the event that you need more assurance you can attempt the outsider firewalls. How about we take a gander at the five best free firewall software for Windows 7/8 PC.

WHY YOU Require A firewall?


On the off chance that your PC is associated with a network(Internet), your PC security is under hazard. You PC is interested in dangers like hackers, keyloggers and trojans. In the event that you shop and bank online then it implies your PC is powerless against data theft and different noxious attacks.

A firewall acts as an obstruction, or a shield, between your PC and the internet. When you go online you are noticeable to the outside world. Outside world can distinguish by utilizing PORT. The possibility of a firewall is to shut off the ports (administrations) you’re not utilizing. Along these lines hackers can’t get inside your PC and take data, for example, financial balance numbers and passwords.


Comodo is considered as one of the best free firewall tools accessible. The firewall gives you a chance to view occasions and cautions that were potentially activated by attackss on the PC, characterize another trusted or blocked application, make an rules of worldwide standards, and design different options. Comodo utilizes less CPU and memory assets while checking is active. Comodo incorporates an antivirus and a firewall, and the antivirus is likewise great. Comodo has numerous advanced highlight if a malware get to be active on your system, which incorporates capacity to secure particular documents and registry keys. These elements makes it the best free firewall for Windows PC.

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ZONEALARM free firewall

ZoneAlarm is refreshing for its convenience and lightweight outline gave by the implicit Firewall. ZoneAlarm is outstanding in the security market. This free firewall is one of a kind in that it checks your associations progressively against a database of a great many users, so it’s ready to distinguish inviting from malicious applications when it’s install. This Firewall additionally incorporate other critical security highlights like download assurance and limitation of individual data and read information on a system level. ZoneAlarm additionally incorporates 2-Way firewall which proactively ensures your PC against inbound and outbound assaults while making you undetectable to hackers.

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PRIVATE Firewall

This is not so much prevalent like other firewall but rather the CNET gives it 5 stars rating. This implies it works superior to alternate firewalls accessible in the market. Private Firewall permits you to include additional measures for your system. It anticipates interruptions on the PC and shield your PC from data theft. Private Firewall consequently blocks the entrance to the pages which are found on the blacklist. It likewise permits you to make a ‘Trusted site/IP Locations’ rundown and in addition blacklist. For each identified action program will show an alarm and you can obstruct the relating procedure. Along these lines, on the off chance that you require a basic firewall for your PC the Private Firewall is the best decision.

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ONLINE ARMOR free firewall

This is yet another free firewall which ensures your PC against spyware, malware and phishing assaults. It keeps hackers from getting to your PC, stops mallcious programs attacking into your PC and sending your information over the web, secures you amid your internet managing an account and exchanges, and protects your identity. Online Protective layer works like other powerful firewalls. Online Defensive layer gives an awesome level of security for your PC and making it greatly hard for malware to contaminate. It is likewise simple to install and oversee and does not back off your PC.

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It is a standout amongst the most effective and basic free Firewall accessible for Microsoft Windows which shields your PC from hackers and intruders. Free form of PC Instruments Firewall In addition to gives screening of approaching or active site trafffic in your system. It likewise let you make and arrange progressed Firwall rules for individual profiles. This Firewall offers multilingual support and has a decent reaction time and utilize low measure of CPU assets.