Top best Android RTS (Real Time Strategy) Games ever

top best android real time strategy games

Plague Inc.

Top Best Android real time strategy games

Top best android real time strategy games: There are many games available for Android phone because Android is the most popular mobile in the market as of now. There are many categories of games available for the android phone such as online game, puzzle game, offline Multiplayer game, etc. There are games which you mostly play it may be RTS game that you play daily.

Today I will be telling you guys about Android RTS game which means Real Time Strategy games for android phone. You must play RTS game on your Android phone; these games are rarely played, but the games are very exciting. Once you start playing this game with your interest.

Now I will be telling you about the top 6 best Android RTS game that will craze your mind out for playing this top 10 games.

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Top 6 Best Android RTS games:

Here we will give you the list of good Android RTS games and also give you some short description of the particular game. Look at the list below:

1. Anomaly Korea: This game is one of the best RTS game for those who love RTS game on their Android phone. This game of war in war zone Earth and this game is very attractive to those who are fans of RTS games; this game has good quality sound with better graphics of the game. This game has developed so much that the sound and graphics make the users attracted towards the game.

Anomaly korea - Top best android real time strategy games

2. Starfront: CollisionThis is the most common game played in the RTS categories games. This game is all about your control and strategy to defeat your enemies. Your enemies may be human, alien or robots but you need to finish them and need to win the target.One best android RTS games.

starnford - Top best android real time strategy games

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3.Autumn Dynasty: The autumn game dynasty is excellent and is all about the Chinese society. Here you will need to order to your troops to attack in the field, and then this game will be mind blowing for you.

Autumn Dynesty - Top best android real time strategy games

4. Rymdkapsel: This game is both for iPhone and Android Phone, this RTS game is superb in the sense of knowledge. In this game, you will need to build up your territory so that you can harm the opposition team.One best android real time strategy best android real-time strategy games.

Rymdkapsel - Top best android real time strategy games

5. Plague Inc.: Plague Inc. is a game which is fascinated by science, microbiology, and some diseases. This game also got lots of updates and expansion in the game; this thing is making the game look like premium. The makers of the plague game Inc. has been asked a question that what models of disease they have been using in the game. Here we have apk Download APK now

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Plague Inc. - Top best android real time strategy games

6. Total War: ARENA: Total War Arena is upcoming RTS game. Who developed by The Creative Assembly. A developer says Total War: Arena is new game to free-to-play game is currently under construction launched. it’s frist title series free for all. Singup From this Link. Total War: ARENA focuses on online multiplayer, mixing elements of real-time strategy and multiplayer online battle arena gameplayers. Trailer was out you can see below the image & Videos 🙂 game is also out you can read blog from here 🙂

Total War: Arena apk download


Total War : Arena -#1st GamePlay – Dine in Hell


This all are the top 6 best Android RTS games, which you will obviously like to play and will be soon get addicted to the Game. This Android RTS game is very game which will improve skills of making the right strategy to defeat your competitor as easy as possible. You can also share out some missing RTS games which may have missed but according to me, we have given you the full information and list about the games. Top best android real time strategy games..See you in the comment section 🙂

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