Voot app review

We all have smartphones nowadays. There is very less probability that anyone will still be using normal phones in today’s world. Technology is trying to connect each electronic device to the internet to different the device’s functionality. The internet is still growing at a very fast rate now. Because of the internet, other device’s needs have been very much reduced. We don’t need to go to electricity and water offices to pay our bills.

You can also watch your favourite movies and TV shows on the internet. Regarding media, you can find anything on the internet. There are tonnes of sources that you can find on the internet full of media content. Watching TV shows is trending nowadays. Everyone is watching his/her favourite shows on the internet. Those days are gone when we used to sit in front of the TV and wait for our favourite TV shows to come. Now everyone has the freedom to watch their favourite show whenever they want and wherever they want. There are now many online platforms available on which you can find your favourite content. There are many apps that you can download on your smartphones for watching your favourite TV shows and movies. There will be some delay as compared to telecast time on TV but after being uploaded, you can watch it any number of times and whenever you want.
Let’s talk about TV channels. There are many of them available, and all have their specific set of programs that users like to watch. There are also classifications according to name. For e.g. Star Sports, Star Plus, Star Movies etc. have Star word in common. Similarly, we can make other group and hence a classification can be made. There are specific apps for a specific set of channels. You can’t watch all channels on one app. If you want to watch all channels, then you have to download a number of apps. Some examples of such apps are Hotstar, Voot etc. In this article, we are going o discuss about Voot app.

Voot app review: everything you should know

Voot app is a media content watching app, and it is a part of Viacom18 ventures. It is like the virtual arm of Viacom 18. Viacom 18 is now one of USA’s largest growing media networks providing on-demand TV.

You get 35000 hours of your favourite and interesting content with a large variety of possibilities and picks. Voot offers a large number of TV shows, cartoons that children love to watch and also some great hit original and Blockbuster Bollywood movies. You get covering shades Hindi, Nickelodeon, MTV, hues Infinity, colours Kannada, colours Marathi, Hues Bangla and also Viacom18 movement Photographs. You get all this at an amazing speed and at your control. It is a smartphone app, so you get the freedom to watch your favourite shows and movies anytime. It is a small size app, and I don’t think anyone will have any problem to download this app. also we know that internet has become very cheap because of Jio and we all now have access to the Internet on our Smartphone.

Voot app is also full of drama, and romance shows that many people love to watch. Some names are Chandrakanta, Kasam, Naagin, Naagin 2, Indian TV serials like Dil se Dil Tak, MTV large F starring Randeep Hooda, Meri Aashiqui Tum se hi, Sasural Simar Ka, Rangrasiya and many more. You can enjoy all that you love to watch on TV to its fullest. It is best in our day to day life. We all remain busy in our lives with our work, and sometimes we miss the necessary entertainment that makes us fresh and reset us to get involved again in our work. This makes these types of apps successful as these allows us to get entertained whenever we get free time. We travel a lot these days, and with the help of voot, we can watch our favourite shows and movies while we travel. These features make this app very successful and useful. That’s why it is famous.

  • Voot app Features

This app is also compatible with tablets and iPads. This means that you can now watch your favourite shows on a larger display. This feature is awesome as we all know that the bigger the screen is, the larger will be the entertainment.

This app has Chromecast assist too. It means that you can forge your favourite shows and movies on your favoured screen.

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How to download Voot app on Android?

  • From Play store

For Android, Google Play store is best. As this app is free, you can easily install it via Google Play. You do not have to worry about Downloading and Installation. If you are downloading Voot app via play store then what you are finally getting is, Voot app installed on your Android Smartphone.

In a similar fashion, Voot app can also be downloaded for iOS devices. The procedure is same, and you can download it from Apple app store. If you can’t access apple store, you can download voot app file in the required format and then install it. There won’t be any problem.

  • Verdict:

In this article, we have reviewed Voot app. As we have discussed, this app is owned by the Viacom18 venture. This app is awesome when it comes to watching Viacom18 content. You can watch your favourite shows, cartoons and even movies on this app. It is a very stable app and is small in size. You also get quality options to switch between data saving and quality. It can easily be done. It can be downloaded easily. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can also visit the Voot site to watch content on your Laptop/PC and on many other devices. You can watch your channels with complete freedom. You can also find some old shows that now don’t telecast on TV. You can watch them on Voot app. So overall, Voot is an amazing app. It deserves a place on your device if you love watching shows and all. You won’t find any problem using this app. The user interface is good and easy to understand. Just give it a try. You will like it.


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